8 thoughts on “Tiger II at Militracks 2018 part 1

  1. Looks about as dangerous as it is in the game, then a tier 7 pens it everywhere.

    cool video though.

    Tiger 2 needs 220 mm turret face armor (Tiger 2 is currently 185 mm, e75 is 252)

    Upper glacis should be 165 mm (currently 150)

    Lower glacis 115 mm (currently 100)

    Simple armor changes to help the tank, may not even be enough, but unlike WG, changes should me made SLOWLY and not 500542943249328 changes to a tank all at once.

      1. That’s a better Idea, giving both the tiger 1 and 2 their historical armament and moving them a tier down.

      2. I thought long ago that this will work for Tiger I to become a bit more historical. But the presence of recent Tiger I at T6 shows, that they dont even have armor on this tier. A tiger with armor might only work on T5. Give it some low pen and dpm (early 8,8) and it works.

        1. The armor while still pretty bad is atleast usable at t6. unlike at t7. But I hope it will be a tat better than the ht no 6 and the tiger 131. like maybe better soft stats or something.

  2. was just there. So awesome it was. Was standing behind the tank when they started it and there was a loud explosion coming from the exhaust. So cool! … I need a premium Tiger 2 with this skin, just like Tiger 131 ! Take my money please! 😉

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