6 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – K-91 review and gameplay

  1. Well … I wondered how long those dickheads in Russia would take to bring a auto-loader Russian HT into the game, yeah I know its Blitz
    … but all the tank development work is done YOU know it wont get wasted in Blitz.

    more fiction never existed made up Tanks coming to WOT … soon?

    1. You do know that pretty much all post war soviet tanks had autoloaders, right?

      1. Yes, the early 1960’s T-64 got an anutoloader, but it’s a carousel autoloader.
        It has nothing to do with a drum autoloader, and it’s roughly 10-15 years ahead of Soviet heavy tank design.

        It also precedes the T-54, T-55 and T-62 by 5-15 years.
        Tanks which you will recognize as being the most numerous tank the Russian army (and export nations) had until the T-80 and T-72, some 20 to 25 years after accepting thoe aformentioned tanks into service.

  2. Well, a Tier 9 russian heavy with an autoloader – what could possibly go wrong there? *fp*

    1. It’s Blitz. This is actually the least broken tank there. I mean they have a Warhammer tank with a plow covering the entire front eating 350mm heat shells like it’s nothing.

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