Supertest: Berlin Map

The Berlin map has recently reached its second Supertest! This time, we aim to make the gameplay more engaging and flexible, while also smoothing some rough edges from the first round of testing.

The spot suited for medium tanks has been moved closer to the center of the map, which will allow mediums to help nearby allies embroiled in urban warfare.

The city blocks are also more varied now. Here, the gameplay has been reworked, making sure to keep the balance between an abundance of tactical options and battle predictability. We’ve also re-arranged the buildings, so spotting the enemy base from the city blocks is no longer possible.

Now, the open part of the map has more covered positions. These can help build up an attack—or give you the last chance to defend a flank when you’ve lost the middle of the map.

[World Of Tanks] Supertest: Berlin[World Of Tanks] Supertest: Berlin

While Berlin’s general layout is already established as a mixed type location where all classes have a chance to shine, we will continue perfecting the gameplay. These days, we will be checking to see if these adjustments make the Berlin map better – and see how close it is to appearing in the game!

Keep your eyes on the news and best of luck in your battles!

14 thoughts on “Supertest: Berlin Map

  1. Zero faith in anything that mentions the words supertest or supertesters.
    Permanent removal of wtfe-100 for being too OP, yet here we have the 268-4…
    Malinovka, prokhorovka, airfield all extremely boring to play, and other new improved maps seem unbalanced. Mines and other small maps are STILL no good at higher tiers. Many tier 8s that see tier 10 constantly are not competitive enough.
    If you make a map that’s good for one type of tank and not another, then how do you promote team play?. I get 5 unsuitable maps in a japanese type heavy tank before I get 1 suitable one. Same goes when I switch to my spg in my garage. Is this a technique deployed to make me stay playing the game for longer each day?. So many questions, so little transparency. It’s still the best game out there.
    Front lines is a step in the right direction. Make a front lines mode for tier 10.

    1. Malinovka and Prokhorovka are awesome maps, as long as there is no arty. Same goes for every map where there is room for flanking tactics.

    2. Jap Type HT’s with OP HE ship artillery guns & open maps and play SPG mostly player hmm seems like I smell ripe tomatoes ……………..

  2. It’s way to flat. We need more ridgelines and hills in this game. They provide cover, but you can also drive over them for flanking manoeuvers. More dynamic gameplay. We don’t net more city brawling and cornerfights. That’s just dumb and stupid.

    1. New erlenberg has many hills and bushes, do you think the gameplay is dynamic? Gameplay is cancer, it is too many hull down posistions covered by bushes.

      1. “It’s way to flat. We need more ridgelines and hills in this game.”

        Emphasis on: “It’s way to flat.”

        For Erlenberg, the idea of opening up and flattening the NE and SW “a bit”….was not a bad idea.
        The end result though…those areas became “way too open” combined with them being made “way too flat”.
        All the bushes you mention, with the new added ridges that cover LFP’s very well, make those flat open fields literal killing-fields. That should have never passed supertesting stages, it is bad design.

      2. erlenberg is shit because each base has a HUGE camping area right next to it (hills with bushes LOL BLYAT COMRAD GOOD IDEA)

        Malinovka/prok are shit because of artillery. You get spotted and die to arty shitlords.

        Just remove artillery and instantly every map becomes better.

  3. Another dumbed down City only map for HT’s to piss all over other classes

    ** with ZERO choice to avoid this Map if playing tanks with thin to zero armour that are complete shit in brawling corridor close-in combat street fighting Maps

    Wargame keep repeating over and over there Map failures never learn any lessons from there poor history of recent map design

    Kharkov & Stalingrad were least popular Maps on RU servers removed 2 years ago, here EU this year,.. then Pilsen

    how long before the unpopular Paris map from the infamous Rubicon joins them
    (WG had it already and ready to go, was quick & cheap

    give players a choice to veto opt out of 3 maps (WG mentioned this years ago
    I bet those 3 maps would be the pure-city-brawling corridor maps!

    City Maps to be successful now need to be 1000m x 1000m size and 40% city + 60% open map
    without dumbed down corridors
    THEN its truly a map for ALL classes ….. but you know reasons for HT’s to shine brightly

  4. I do not undestand, but this map seems to be unifinished, no bushes, no terrain modulation, so how the hell can anyone test it ? Even adding some bushes will change the gameplay completely. But I guess its tested by 44% WR players that do not even understand what they are testing, they probably test just how the map looks.

  5. All maps alreaddy favour MTs with armor, you know why? Well because they have the mobility and turret armor and gun handling to just press 2 and pen pretty much everything. Yes HTs are favoured by city maps, IF there would be no gold ammo or hull down spots. But sadly all maps have idiotic hull down spots where tanks with turret armor can just sit and snipe/spam gold.

    1. No they don’t not anymore

      WG flattened down most Maps in 1.0 for “Russia motherland” so Russian Tanks to be played better all time everywhere now with there poor -5 gun depression

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