Supertest: Object 268 Version IV Changes

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  1. Still pixel “weakspots” on a 50km/h tank. In my opinion the speed and side armor are still too strong

    1. Lower plate is huge and garbage with these changes. At short range the enemy will easily shoot your lower plate and hatches, at a distance you can’t hit anything with with this bad accuracy. Congratulations to anyone who got to play with it in it’s current state. RIP after nerf… The Badger is the better TD now…

      1. “Lower plate is huge and garbage”

        if you’re referting to the upper section of the lower plate, yea it’s huge, but it’s completely impenetrable,

        if you’re referring to the lower section of the lower plate… then I wanna get my hands on whatever you’re high on

      2. At close range, lower plate is a ricochet, thickness doesn’t matter until it’s overmatched.

  2. lol that “nerf”
    people will be selling this now useless tanks in droves!”!!§

  3. Why does it still have >1000hp!!?!
    This is a world war 2ish tank game. Before this change 1500 is a complete joke

  4. These changes are pretty irrelevant to what’s actually overpowered with the tank. First of all, if you shoot the lfp anything can pen it in the current version. Nobody really aims for the “cupolas”, it won’t make a difference.

    The problem is the combination of the mobility and armor. The armor isn’t by itself OP, (if you know where to shoot it’s easy to take down). I feel like some mobility nerfs would be a better balancing factor.

    1. Agreed, I honestly think top speed should be 35-40 and about 15, this is still way too much. Lower plate should be flattened imo, since raw thickness was never the issue. Then the big cupola needs to be about 200-220. Even then the tank should still be strong, but no longer horribly broken.

      1. What is the point of tier x if a tier viii can damage it in a weekspot? Why would i play that tank instead of a premium tier viii? So i can die AND lose credits at the same time? No thanks, and if so, i would take a Leopard 1 over a weakspot ridled td with the worst accuracy at tier x…

        1. You’re right, what could possibly be more balanced than a tank that’s literally invincible against half the enemy team?

          1. I’m not the best player, but not a tomato, let’s just say average. Still a banana, soon to be cucumber 😀

  5. Was about bloody time, but this is not much of a nerf, now is it?

  6. With it’s speed the entire lower plate should be cheese armor and the upper hull should be the only strong spot.

    the two “weakpoints” on the top of the tank should be no more than 200mm, the Foch tier 10 TD and E4 “weakspots” are butter, why isnt this?

    “No russian bias here”

    what a joke.

  7. So here’s a riddle, if they leave the game-breaking combo of mobility and armor intact, can this abomination ever be balanced? And if they do change these things significantly enough to fix the problem, then isn’t the concept of the aggressive assault TD ruined?

    If it comes to that, remind me again why the 263 was replaced to begin with.

  8. Wargaming needs to nerf more than just this tank. They need to nerf the 430u as well and a few other select tanks. I’ll start with the object v4. Nerf the engine power to 1000 to make sure it never reaches it’s top speed but keep it’s traverse intact. Secondly, the armor needs further tweaking. Reduce the front upper superstructure to 220mm effective and the large lower plate should be 250 effective. Along with these current nerfs should make the tank more beatable. American tanks need some serious attention as well. (I’m looking at you T32.)

      1. I mean’t that american tanks need a buff. didn’t make that clear.

  9. It’s only a supertest, bois, relax. Maybe they will nerf it a bit more. I think p/w and reverse speed should be nerfed even more, as well as gun handling.

  10. Aimtime still too good, speed (both forward and reverse) still too good, hp/t still too good, armor profile still too good. Seems to me that WG is trying to fool the playerbase that they are aware the v4 is retarded and are taking steps to address the issue, but these ‘nerfs’ will be irrelevant.

      1. The only thing about that gun that is objectively bad (and not even that terrible) is the accuracy, and since the v4 is an in yo face battering ram (plus many Tier 10 players spamming gold cus skillz) you don’t even need to be laser accurate when you can blargh someone in the face at close range.

  11. When I play arty I intentionally and on purpose shoot only at these fuckers. And of course the WG cunts made it top of the tree special to cheat us of money, gold and free xp.

  12. There are only 2 options really, make it paper tank and keep it speed and gun, or make it 20 km/h like badger and keep the current armor.

    1. The entire point of this line is to have good armor AND good mobility at the same time. But there should be some significant drowbacks. Trash DPM is clearly not enough in this case.

  13. Huh, “weakspot” that is 230mm, still immune to tier 8 HTs and tier 9 MTs frontaly.

    1. Quite a few tier 8’s and pretty much all tier 9 mediums will be able to pen 230mm.. i’m fine with the jusified hate on OP vehicles but at least be fair.

  14. The complete lfp must be weaker. It would require some skill to make the armor work. Also the reverse speed should be 15 max.

  15. I already have no trouble penning its 250mm cupola, if people still complain after it reaches tier 8 HT pen thickness, they need to learn to play.

    And yeah you still cant snipe it, but then again with 0.42acc it wont snipe you either.

    1. I’d like to know of a Tier 8 tank that is not UDES or S1 and that can pen the v4 cupola WITHOUT GOLD. And not because of a high pen roll, but reliably.

    2. A weakspot that is above 230mm effective is not a weakspot. The only tier 8 HT that has above 230mm AP pen are the french autloaders, T34 and Löwe. The rest must shoot gold in order to pen it.

  16. whinersand wargaming made another tank crap after nerf,ths tank can’t turn .

  17. This tenk is a joke, it is far too mobile and has too great armor. With that frontal armor even after the “nerf” it still neds worse frontal and reverse speed. It should have mobility similar to jpe100.

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