Special: Double Experience 08-09.05.2018.


As the season warms up with the arrival of May, so does the heat of battle. The Military Parade is here, so you can make the most of your mighty vehicles and bring out your shiny uniforms to rack up some sweet bonuses.

Aim for victory with the following mission, available from May 8 at 07:00 CEST to May 9 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), and take advantage of this practical bonus now.

  • Reward

 x2 experience

  • Objectives

Win a battle

Be among the top 10 experience earners in your team

  • Restrictions


Tier IV+

After First Victory bonus has been gained


4 thoughts on “Special: Double Experience 08-09.05.2018.

    1. this is most likly because 08/05 is not during the weekend (end of WW2 in europe), in wich we will more then likly get spoiled as well.


      1. was expecting some sales on researchable tanks …

        from their Sneak Peak of May: “8 May: Let’s kick off the Military Parade with a great bonus for one day! You’d better have a lot of vehicles on your research list.”


  1. NA has the same special but different wording. They are calling it Celebrate VE Day.


    On May 8, 1945, the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany’s armed forces, marking the end of the Third Reich. This event became known as Victory in Europe Day. To mark the occasion World of Tanks congratulates all its players, provides a special 24-hour mission for double XP, and does something to the Garage that lasts until May 15 — we hope you like it!


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