May 8: 1.0.1_2 Micropatch


The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 08.05.2018 for approximately 35 minutes:

  • Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST
  • WoT EU1 starting from 06:00 CEST
  • WoT EU2 starting from 07:00 CEST

Roll out!

Your Customer Service Team


Micro Patch will be applied at:

Planned Restart:
World of Tanks NA – 05:30 AM (CST) May 8th 2018 scheduled for 30 minutes

Unplanned Maintenance:
World of Tanks NA – 06:00 AM (CST) May 8th 2018 scheduled for 45 minutes
LATAM will be unavailable during this time

• Fixed the issue when Platoons could not enter Frontline battles.


14 thoughts on “May 8: 1.0.1_2 Micropatch

    1. Right!

      FPS drops are very annoying, especially when you are aiming an enemy to hit him.

      FIX it as soon as possible.

      Apart from that the frontline mode is very beautiful. congratulations WG.

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        1. He is from LGACY clan and on Teamspeak using Waffen SS server group symbol. There is a lot of nazis in this clan. WG should take atention.

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          1. Wow. You really think that we are all nazis there? Its a small inside joke between the german speaking people in there. The clan has alot of romanians too and they always say stop speaking nazi when we talk german. If you really think we want Dachau or other things back from 1942 then you are just plain stupid. If you feel offended by it then please go cry in a corner. It is 70 years ago. It was a tough time for the jews and anybody involved in it. A relative of mine was on the blacklist of the Waffen SS and would have died 3 days later but the americans came to free Stuttgart back then.
            But yeah apparently I am now a nazi. Two claps to you dude.

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            1. i have no idea what this debate is all about but there are 2 things I can add:
              1) a suspicion does not come out of nothing
              2) the people who defend themselves in a aggressive way often do so because what they try to negate is actually true. plus nazis nowadays are mostly pussies who dont even have the courage to admit that they are.


            2. “Dead cat strategy” refers to the introduction of a dramatic, shocking, or sensationalist topic in order to divert discourse away from a more damaging topic. Its on the first page of the “book of bullshit”…


            3. You are a Nazi. My clan leader has close contact with a WG employee and I will tell him about your neo-nazi views.


              1. Ohh you got contacts to WG? Nice 😀 I still wait that Dies_Arie is answering me 🙂
                On another point. You can believe I am a Nazi go ahead. There are also people out there which think that Donald J. Trump is a good president. I really want to see though how you want to get us banned through icons on a teamspeak server. You know that Wargaming doesn’t own Teamspeak, right?

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    2. Funnily enough I have the same issue here like in WoWP, the game in Frontline mode is barely using my CPU and GPU causing low FPS and terrible stutters.


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