WoWS: 0.7.4 EU stream mini Q&A transcription

Answers by MrConway, Lumberjack & Philigula.

Compiled by MrFingersEU

The bell-feature (for reloaded BB-guns) is nice, but can we expect more different sounding bells in the future?
Same as with horns: they started with basically one sound, and then evolved to what we have now (more sounds, the plume of steam coming from the funnels,…). If the bells are well received by the community, different tones for different nations might appear. But no timeframe given.

Will there be new achievements introduced linked to the new potential/spotting damage counters there are now in WoWS (liked by Conway & Lumberjack)
Support achievements is something the devs were already thinking about it. You shouldn’t be disappointed, but no timeframe given for implementation.

How much time does a new techtree cost in terms of total work?
There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done, from historical consulting to graphics work, to balance. It’s around a year of work.

Any chance of new supertesters this year?
Keep an eye on the forums, chances are likely they’ll re-open the applications this year. Don’t expect lot of fun, it’s a tedious task of sailing around a rock to see you’ll get stuck. It’s not glamorous.

Are there plans to bring the Kantai-collection to WOWS?
While Phil looks like an Anime-expert, he isn’t. Maybe, but maybe not. Nobody knows. But there is already a mod-soundpack.

Will there be a way to alter the flags of the PA-DD’s to the historical ones even if you don’t own said ships?
No, you’ll have to own the ships to change the flags individually to the respective nations flag. If you don’t own the ships, you’re stuck with the general PA-flag.

What’s the reasoning behind not including the German nation in the flag-changing program?
For now, it’s a trial feature. If the reaction is good, it might be expanded upon in the future for other nations. But not in the foreseeable future.

When Dasha-captain? Or is it impossible like a Jingles-captain?
It’s possible.

If you have & Cleveland & Pensacola in port before the split, what will you have after the split?
You’ll have a Pensacola at T6, the New Orleans at T7 and the Cleveland at T8 in the other branch. Items that were researched on the ships before the split remain researched on the ships after they’ve moved (TN: not sure if this also is for the Cleveland which moves up).

Any more information on new storm-systems, and when they’ll come to randoms
There is a good chance for the stormfront of the Hermes-operation to come to randoms, since it was received well. They are toying with the idea of replacing the cyclone with a version of the stormfront. But no timeframe given. Follow the news.

There were 91 other questions still waiting for an answer, but the stream now went to gameplay only. Those questions will probably be answered in another way.