Wargaming Prague: Testing World of Tanks in the Heart of Europe

Source: Wargaming.org

Come for the Beer, Stay for the Games

After nearly a decade, Wargaming’s physical presence across the globe is nothing new. If a country represents one of the company’s key markets and has a vast player community to support, there’s a good chance we’ll start a base there.

The company’s office in Prague came into being in early 2017. The subdivision is designed to further support Wargaming’s expansion in Europe and provide an extra technology hub for World of Tanks development. Bolstered by a team of talented people, the office makes the city even more attractive and has what it takes to beat ‘knedlíky’ and beer as the main reasons to come to Prague.

Why Prague?

Stunning architecture, historical monuments at every corner and a welcoming atmosphere are a big pull for tourists. However, there’s a huge difference between a holiday and choosing Prague as a place to live and work.

While the Czech Republic is known to many as “the land of beer”, the country, and its capital in particular, has far more to offer. Prague is a place where history and traditions meet technology and a high standard of living. Old castles neighbor modern buildings, while fairytale-like streets are homes to the offices of hi-end companies. There is something for everyone, be it an individual or a big family. Restaurants, clubs, theaters, and numerous parks—anyone will find their go-to place.

Add to all this one of the best healthcare systems in Europe, and you’ll get a truly welcoming place to work and live. As a Wargaming employee, you will participate in the Czech public health insurance system.

If you’re moving with children who are in school, the Czech Republic offers a load of educational opportunities. You can enroll them into an international school or a Czech public (or private) school, but your child will need to get used to the language barrier. If so, an international school will be a perfect pick. However, the fees are usually higher.

Another advantage of living in Prague is its geography. Located in the center of Europe, Prague represents a perfect hub for international flights. And if you don’t feel comfortable with airplanes, you can hop on a train and enjoy Paris, London, or Rome in a matter of hours.

Quality Assurance in the Heart of Prague

Wargaming Prague was initially divided into two key directions: Quality Assurance (QA) and Business Intelligence (BI). The Quality Assurance Center brings together the key QA resources to serve for the existing and future games whereas the Business Intelligence Team works on big data collection, analysis and management. Over the time the office gained a bunch of other units, including Distributed Development, Localization, Global Procurement, and Global Legal.

The Prague subdivision even started work before the physical office was officially established. The first people on the team were Renata Touskova, HR Manager, and Pavel Kocian, General Manager. They started to hire people from a temporary office space, while the future office was being built. Today, Wargaming Prague employs 99 people. About 55% of them are foreigners. In all, the staff numbers 20 different citizenships.

Passionate about games and development, the team never misses a chance to do things outside work including cosy corporate parties and heart-warming teambuilding activities. The team always has small events right in the office, too. Halloween pumpkin carving, Mikulášská (St. Nicolas Day), a New Year Party with a tank cake and karaoke, Valentine’s Day with lots of chocolate—you name it. To maintain the atmosphere of competitive gaming, Wargaming Prague kicked off a new tradition and threw a Tiramisu challenge. Employees cooked cakes at home and brought them to the office. The tastiest one was the winner!

The office has a mascot, a plush seal Gishni. The toy serves as the ultimate stress reliever due to his cute face.

Coming from a large capital city full of modern buildings and people rushing everywhere, Prague is a relaxed and beautiful city. You can say the same about Wargaming, where people enjoy what they do and work with passion to create the best experiences for our players. If you decide to move to Prague, you won’t regret it!

Eduardo Vasquez, Junior Test Engineer

My wife and I relocated to Wargaming Prague when I was offered a new job opportunity and we are really liking it here. Prague is a beautiful city and the people are polite, friendly and welcoming. It‘s a melting pot of people from all over the world and there is always something to do. My wife and I are looking forward to our time here.

Nishith Pathak, Data Scientist

I am very happy Wargaming offered me the opportunity to relocate to the new Prague office. Czech people are nice and welcoming, which made my relocation and integration a pleasant experience. I now have the opportunity to travel around Europe and experience many new exciting cultures and adventures. Wargaming is one of the best employers not only in Belarus, but also in the Czech Republic. Tanks rule!

Oleg Shkadov, Category Management Specialist

I’ve always been interested in the videogame industry and when I found an open position with Wargaming, I soon realized that I could combine my academic studies in linguistics and my passion for gaming, and applied immediately! I lived in Prague for a short period in the past and grew fond of the city. This was an amazing opportunity for me to move back to a city I love and to do a job in a field I’m passionate about. What more could I ask for?

Sara Porello, Localization QA Engineer

Prague is not a place where you’ll be bored. It‘s a beautiful city with plenty of history and spacious parks. Also because it’s located in the center of Europe, Prague is a convenient location to travel to other European countries. It doesn’t stop there, there is also a lot to see within the Czech Republic, with its rich and spectacular nature and ancient castles, you‘ll always have something to do and explore.

Darya Zborovskaya, Big Data Engineer

The ABCs of Relocation

The very thought of moving to another country with your family may sound a bit daunting. But stepping out of your comfort zone is where all the fun stuff happens. You will have tons of questions and lots of paperwork, but your exciting new job will top it all off, while Wargaming and the team do their best to make the process as smooth as possible.

The company provides its assistance and advice on all stages of relocation. Each candidate has specific needs, and our HR manager will always ensure you get everything you need.

The very first question is whether a non-EU candidate is authorized to work and live in Prague. Our HR team will check your legal status and if this is your case, we shall assist you with the immigration process in order to get the necessary permits. If you are a citizen of any EU country, you are free to enter any European labour market, including Czech.

Once you’re hired, we start looking for your temporary accommodation. During this period, Wargaming provides you with contacts of real estate agencies to make the search quick and effective. The agency accompanies you all the way through the process of seeking a new home. They help you shortlist the best places, review lease agreements, and more.

If you’re moving with your family, the family members need to apply for a family reunion visa (applicable to non-EU citizens). Bear in mind that Wargaming usually covers only employee relocation costs.

Things to Do Off-Work

Visit the Prague Castle, the central symbol of Czech sovereignty and enjoy a stunning view of Malá Strana.

Stroll down the Charles Bridge and explore the Old Town bursting with real gems of European architecture.

Get some green vibes in Stromovka and Letna parks.

Try to understand modern art in Galerie Rudolfinum.

Eat as much as you can at Sisters Bistro. The place is famous for its chlebíčky, Czech sandwiches.

Taste all sorts of Czech beer at Kozlovna and don’t schedule anything important for the next day.

Drop by the Hemingway bar located in the heart of Prague. For starters, order Becherovka-based cocktail. The rest will follow.

Go to Vyšehrad and feel like a hero of a medieval romance.

Visit Žižkovská štrúdlárna and take away the best strudel in Prague.

Don’t even think of ignoring Potrefená Husa. Where else can you taste gorgeous pork knuckle with onion and herbs?

Dive into the nightlife and dance until dawn at Karlovy lázně, the biggest night club across Central Europe.

Shop at Palladium if you are looking for Zara or similar brands. If you prefer designer clothing, then go to BackYard or Koncept story.

Sit and read a good book or spend hours choosing it at Shakespeare a synové, the largest bookstore in Prague. The place is crammed with books you won’t come across anywhere else.

Spend a day at Karlovy Vary and get some quality spa time at the legendary springs.

Find a bargain at local farmer markets and taste the best-seasoned fruits and vegetables in Prague.

Discover the old Jewish Ghetto, Josefov, walk down the cobbled streets and visit the Old New Synagogue founded back in 1270.

Listen to Yellow Submarine near the Lennon Wall and pay homage to the iconic band.

Feel the spirit of communism at the Museum of Communism.

Continue exploring the national cuisine and try pickled cheese, a food experience worth trying, especially if you are a Camembert fan.

Bottom Line

It is not mandatory to speak fluent Czech, but it is crucial to speak English to feel comfortable both at work and while exploring the city.

The public transport system is considered one of the best in the world. Metro, ferries, buses and trams are comfortable, fast and easy to pay for due to the trust system. You just need to buy a special travel card called ‘Lítačka’.Topped up regularly, Litačka lets you use any kind of transport unlimitedly during a period of up to one year.

Taxes in the Czech Republic as well as social and health insurance contributions are held back from your salary and paid by the company on a monthly basis. During the later stages of the job interview our HR team clarifies the details and explains the calculations.

Prague is a beer city. Brace yourself for that.

A few city areas have very strange names. For example, Hrdlořezy (“Throat-cutting vile”) or Hostivař (“Guest cooking hollow”).

If you want to check whether you’re fit for the narrowest street in Prague, try entering Vinarna Čertovkawhich is just 70 cm in width.

Job Openings in Wargaming Prague: