MAUERBRECHER available on EU


Price around 40 €.



6 thoughts on “MAUERBRECHER available on EU

  1. I have this tank in my garage (bought last Christmas), and do not recommend it at all, even to superheavy enthusiasts. Too many weakspots, too slow and the armor means shit when everyone is a gold spamming scrub these days (also Tier 8 having shite MM but that’s common knowledge). It is not terrible, but it is mediocre at best as it is now and imho needs buffing.


  2. Was thinking about buying because I am a sucker for pretty heavies, but this is way too slow, so slow it might have trouble racing the TOG II.

    Pen is not that awesome, dispersion is not that great, if you get a big map you are screwed because it takes for ever to get to a good position.


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