5 April Micropatch


A small update will be uploaded to the servers tomorrow. Because of this, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 05/04/2018 from 4:00 AM to 4:45 UTC. Patchnotes:

-Some technical problems have been fixed.

Just like the last time, two new mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/


Micro Patch will be applied at:

World of Tanks NA – 04:00 AM (CST) 04/05/2018

Patch note:
• Fixed some technical issues.

Downtime: is planned about 45 minutes


3 thoughts on “5 April Micropatch

  1. FINALLY, after this update i can start the battle right away, the loading is much better now, had to wait 30s (after start to actually join the battle) prior to this update. Didnt notice any FPS change, but im using low settings, usually 30-40 fps…


    1. Damn. For me it is totally opposite. I now have to wait atleast 2 minutes for it to load and there is always an 1/3 chance that the game will crash.
      Also those sweet lag spikes every now and then are the best thing ever.


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