QB on the Intel Competition

Summarized: this competition promotes bad playing just for earning stamps quickly, while ruining everyone’s games in the process. Especially the games of new players.

37 thoughts on “QB on the Intel Competition

  1. Will this guy ever do anything other than complain? What a whiny bitch.

    Players play how they want to play. Nobody’s paying my fucking premium and sure as hell nobody is paying me to make their gaming experience better.

    I’ll load up fucking arty for the evening just because of this idiot.


    1. Although he is an annoying twat, but as even the broken clock is right twice a day our beloved kukibébi can be right sometimes too.


  2. First places should be disqualified. and it is not about playing every three minutes a game. but if you play 2 weeks 24 hours, he/she is doing account sharing. 2 weeks without sleep is not possible. so he/she is doing account sharing. it is obvious and forbidden.

    i know why i didnt thought about to compet with that kind of sick people.
    I liked the event with best xps for best 5 games. was not gametime based.

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    1. Unless you’re willing to spend 20h/day playing for the entirety of the competition you wouldn’t stand a chance anyway.


  3. All WG competitions and events reward the amount of TIME spent playing, paying players usually have J-O-B-S. Myself, 12 hr a day shift work…Yeah I can buy great tanks and have prem account, but I certainly can’t do events and competitions most of the time. The 2.4 mins per battle estimation doesn’t include the 30 second count in, and if your an SEA region player, or worse Australian NZ server player, doesn’t include the 2-3 minutes wait for the MM to set up teams.

    So to point out: on SEA the competition rules are different.
    Minimum tier 4, and I think you only get stamps if you place top 10 for exp AND win the battle.
    AND, smaller server populations at huge disadvantage, the wait times for battles are longer, and more mis- matched as you are more often bottom tier trying to combat tanks 2 tiers higher.
    I sure hope there is one laptop per server…..although it would appear the win will go to some kind of super human, or a cheat.
    I would like all tanks made available to me for purchase, after spending so much money on the game. Thanks WG.


  4. I’ve seen these idiots in low tiers. They rush and die by the numbers. Using the fastest tank i.e T2 Light just ramming the exact same yolo in the other team. And then go to next battle with another fast tank and repeat and get their stamps fast. They are intentionally ruining the games for others. I suggest take a look in tier 2 and 3 and see how hilarious it is.

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  5. Just take current top runner on the leader board, IOpo4ka. A Russian, of course, mediocre player and has managed to get so many stamps in such a short time. Right. Obviously account sharing and rigging. Second one is a Polak, of course. Cheating the same way.

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    1. What’s up with these xenophobic remarks my friend?

      Attacking someone’s nationality is one of the most retarted thing on Earth, once you’ve born somewhere you can’t do shit about it.

      Are they breaking the system some way to win stuff? Yes for sure, there is no way anybody could do almost 1000 battles a day without doing something suspicious.

      Does it authorize you to bring out the “of course they are XY nationality so obvious they are cheating” remarks? I don’t think so.

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      1. Please spare me your liberal bullshit. How is pointing your these cheaters nationality xenophobia? You who live in your castle, safe, protected high standard western home should not judge us who have a history with these nations.


        1. “liberal bullshit”


          “You who live in your castle, safe, protected high standard western home”


          “should not judge us who have a history with these nations”

          We had our share of history with the Soviets too my friend and I think we both got the short end of stick with that relation.

          Also when did the Polish hurt your country if I may ask?


          1. “Lul” ?! Don’t use childish language, please.

            Again, how is pointing out ones country xenophobic?

            You are a familiar character here and have several times made condescending comments whenever a Polak has made a comment. Hypocrisy.
            Are you by any chance participating in the stamp race yourself?


            1. My friend, how about you first answer my question before asking yourself?


              “Again, how is pointing out ones country xenophobic?”

              With your “of course” remarks your message got the meaning that you think that naturally everyone born in Russia and Poland are cheaters. Like you have to project out your hatred towards these countries even here, on a gaming news site.

              “You are a familiar character here and have several times made condescending comments whenever a Polak has made a comment. Hypocrisy.
              Are you by any chance participating in the stamp race yourself?”

              Thanks for recongising me, I’m quite flattered.

              My I ask what you mean by “stamp race”? Never heard of it before and google isn’t helping me either.

              That person is a troll and I doubt he is really a Polish person at all. I’ve never based my “condescending comments” on his nationality. All those “condescending comments” (pickpocketing German tourists in McDonalds, etc.) were said by him the first time in fact, I’ve just reminded him about them because he had too much fun trolling here.

              There is a difference between bashing XY because they did something and bashing XY for doing something because of they are from YZ country.

              I’m pretty sure I could easily illustrate it with you so maybe you could see the difference as well, but I’m not here to pick a fight with you nor I want to offend a whole country.

              Also my I ask why do you have Stalin in your nickname? Judging from our history with the communists and what I’ve learned in school + on the internet I don’t think it was any better for you either.


              1. Stalin and Gheorghiu-Dej did many good things for
                Romania and life was better under Ceaușescu. But you as a westerner know nothing about that. You are only told what America and CIA feeds you.

                You dogde they very thing that you youself made xenophobic comments about Polaks. Hypocrisy.

                Intentionally derails this post with endless and tedious ramblings.


                1. I’m still not a Westerner and I have nothing to do with America or the CIA.

                  I never made any xenophobic comments towards Poilsh people.

                  Life must have been great under Ceaușescu if the Romanian people had to kill him and his wife because of what he did.

                  Oh by the way look what I’ve found: https://i.imgur.com/AtK2TJb.png

                  There goes all of your credibility.


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                  1. The people were duped into believing that western style of economy and life would
                    be better thanks to America and it’s lapdogs. Therefore criminals murdered the Ceaușescu.

                    Are you doxer too? I can look up your anti-Polak comments too if you like.


  6. QB can go take a fuck to himself, he’s crawled so far up WG’s arse that he can’t even see daylight anymore.. and it’s costing him subs and money.

    That is why we are seeing him whining and bitching like an old woman more often than not now..cos more edgy = more subs and cash from his repugnant little crowd of fanboys.

    QB is the most overrated POS in the game, why anyone listens to a word he says is beyond me but I guess it’s easier than thinking for yourself.


    1. QB always called out shitty WG moves as any reasonable person would do. What’s your damn point even? You’re failing to follow your own logic within a single comment, which is pretty impressive, I must say.


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