Battle Royale Gameplay

From our friend, RagingRaptor.

13 thoughts on “Battle Royale Gameplay

  1. wot has to much rng for this… and while we wait fix prem spam rigged mm and rng…
    and they test this because pubg earn shitloads of money whic wg only cares?
    why i always say never again from anything from wg label…
    i dont even care their sanbox now. fuck you wg fuck you…. you cant ban me @ here because of saying truth

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  2. eww…this is terrible
    1-vs-infinite AI with powerups?

    this is a glorified PvE mode, and it looks like shit, especially the retarted spotting nonsense

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    1. xD Best example why U can’t make all people Happy …. some was that this is nice spotting system others don’t do …


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