WT April Fools: Silent Thunder: the first test of the new game

Source: WT Portal

In clashes between three of the major military powers of the 21st century, players will battle against each other in combat in the some of the world’s most powerful nuclear submarines. The three dimensional depths of the ocean, realistic physics and modern strategic weaponry will become available this weekend! All players will be able to take part in the initial first test.

The test session will be held  from 12:00 GMT on March 31st until 12:00 GMT on April 3rd

In the test version of the game, players will be able to try modern nuclear submarines from the three major military powers, the United States, Great Britain and Russia, where each vessel is armed with a unique selection of guided torpedoes and missiles.

The test will be held in a location inspired by the Spitzbergen ocean area, players will battle to capture one of the strategic zones, and once it’s captured cruise or ballistic missiles will be launched.

Download Wallpaper:

Among the powerful armament of the Russian Yasen-class, for example, are the destructive 3M-14K ‘Kalibr’ anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles, famous from their presence in recent conflicts. The only British nuclear missile platform Vanguard-class, excels in its guided anti-submarine torpedo armament, and at a weight of 2 tons each boasts unparallelled anti-submarine power. The American Virginia-class may have less potent torpedoes on offer, but more than makes up for it with nuclear warheads, each with a yield of up to 200 kilotons, fitted on dozens of the famous Tomahawk missiles.

Silent Thunder aims for a completely new vehicular combat experience. Deep down below in the darkest depths of the world’s oceans, players will have to navigate and detect enemies using sonar and other detection devices, while trying to stay hidden from the ever watchful eyes of their enemies. The slightest sound can reveal their location – so players need to be careful when activating their active sonar, firing a torpedo, even scraping their outer hull against a rock or iceberg can give the game away. This is a game for true naval tacticians!

Break the chilling silence in the Arctic Ocean this weekend!

Download Wallpaper:

20 thoughts on “WT April Fools: Silent Thunder: the first test of the new game

          1. Because it has no interest to me at all, WWII subs that can surface and fire guns would have been better. Even the name is impossible, can’t have a silent thunder. Should be thunder down under, Warthunder down under, or similar.

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  1. Damn, imagine an actual multiplayer submarine “action” game, like arcade-sim hybrid. I would play that with all other 1,5 people who wouldn’t be bored, but still.


    1. And another one.
      Looks like ass lol wut? Still better graphics than any other submarine/naval game (post WW2 era)
      Plays like it too. Let me guess – It sooo slow/Gameplay is just camp behind rock/seabed If I guessed properly I have one question – what do you want from submarine game.


      1. I’m not sure why you’re trying so hard to antagonize people saying that in their opinion, it’s bad.

        The controls are poor and not explained, the icons are confusing and not explained, the gameplay is simply terrible, with the player’s submarine being hidden somewhere while you send out torpedoes as scouts, the waiting time to enter a battle is in the 10 minutes, etc…

        It’s an interesting event, but it’s about as sloppily made as you would expected from Gaijin, who loves introducing half baked mechanics that are clearly lacking, then ignoring the fact that it’s basically unplayable.
        CF: unguided rockets on tanks. over 2 years after their introduction, there’s still no way to aim them. No notches on the scope, no dedicated aiming system, just plain old guesswork.

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        1. Pretty sure that was the aim, War is basically guesswork, you hit then you are an Ace, you miss then most probably you are dead if you dont reload quickly enough

          Dont get me wrong WT is a good simulator game but at the same time I hate it for that very reason and prefer WoT


        2. I am just disprove false statements – I can´t resist to correcting these statements.
          His statement “looks like ass” was false – there is no naval game from WW2-today era which looks better. Prove me wrong. 😉

          His second statement “plays like it too” wasn´t backed up. (I can say in same way WoWs/WoT plays like ass). Because I already had saw several comments like that I was little bit salty but I didn´t say you are wrong. I just guessed and commented what I want to know if I guessed right.

          If I comment something is bad I always try to say why I do think that.

          Controls are wonky (mouse control shouldn´t be there) but you aren´t correct – they are explained in game (press F1) you are suggested to do it.
          “Sub being hidden somewhere while you send out torpedoes as scouts” – what should it do? The hide and seek game is essential to sub combat. You could drive torps by wire IRL + torps had passive/active sonar so it make sence that they can spot targets – in some way
          10 min wait time – That is interesting I didn´t have to wait so long.
          It is first iteration of subs controls. I get why the mouse controls are there – yet they are contra productive.
          OK your last argument is valid.

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  2. Gaijin is focusing a lot on modern stuff, maybe too much if you ask me. A PERFECT April fool’s would be WWII submarines.Destroyers are already being tested so it would have been a perfect combination.

    I have a lot of interest for modern land based war machines but absolutely none for modern naval warfare. It’s simply boring. Just give Cold Waters a go and you’ll understand why.

    WWII naval combat FTW.

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        1. This really comes to personal opinion.
          I will summarize what was AF 2017 – normal gamemode, with few new elements – ERA a composite and helicopters ported from old Gaijin game. With tanks which gameplay didn´t have any depth – armor didn´t matter so you had two options:

          Brainlessly driving through the map with tanks

          Sit behind battlefield and shoot ATGMs from helicopter, sometimes short fight against enemy helicopter.

          And now we have – reworked gamemodes, completely new gameplay – with actual depth = you have to keep eye on noise, sonar, noise makers actually new mechanics – torpedo guidance ect.

          So this event is better more innovative.

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    1. Let me explain why there are modern submarines.
      Developers need to test submarine mechanics but also sonar/radar mechanics/self-guided torpedoes/missiles -> only platform to test all these is modern submarine.
      That is why they choose modern submarines and not WW2 ones.

      Also from past AF when we tested modern tanks we tested Leopard 2A6 not Leopard 2K or 2AV or 2A0 or M1 Abrams.

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