Explaining Mechanics: How to Block Damage

Source: World of Tanks Europe

Thick armor, streamlined turrets, well-sloped armor plates—all this increases a vehicle’s survivability. But you cannot have a tank that’s completely invulnerable. That’s why you should learn to protect your tank. In this video, we’ll tell you how to use your armor properly and drive away unscathed.


10 thoughts on “Explaining Mechanics: How to Block Damage

  1. “But you cannot have a tank that’s completely invulnerable.” Orly
    Mauschen and VK100.01P against 2 tiers lower would like to have word with you.
    Also Object 264.V4
    So frustrating these days since 2 key hardly works most of the time, people have resorted to slinging HE. Even if its just 190 something damage at a time. Herp derp.

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    1. Wow, HE is actually used the way it was originally intended, what a horror. I also had some fun time brawling with 268/4 with my 263, I was shooting his cupola, he was playing like a potato and died. So it’s not that bad.


      1. It is bad, if that 268V4 is driven by any half competent player.
        Problem is, that V4 is also very manouverable, it can move quite fastforwards and backwards, and make all kinds of wiggling, so it will be a hard time to aim for that cupola..


  2. How to block armor, well remove gold ammo and nerf accuracy on inaccurate guns and increase pen drop. That will guarantee return the roles of tanks and prevent campers from having a funn time.

    Why even bother to use armor when any idiot can just press 2 and neglect you armor usage to a certan extent, or alot.


  3. Step 1: Play Bobject 268 v4
    Step 2: Hope the enemy doesnt press 2 (even tho obj. 268 v4 doesnt care anyways)
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: profit!


  4. And then ofc you bounce with your 260pen tier 10 gun on the side of a freakin amx13-90 and wonder what maneuver that amx just executed,or fail to penetrate with your 200 pen gun,an unangled lower plate with 160mm of effective armor and wonder what technique that was #RNG…


  5. World of Brawling = big profits (cheap City Maps & quick battles

    World of Tanks = lower profits as players need to THINK more and look at MINI-MAP & therefore longer battles

    “Dance” your tank lol!!

    only and I mean ONLY in WOT do you find this comical nonsense, seen this many, many, times in battles and only on a few occasions did it work (patience .. they soon get bored dancing

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  6. People seem to forget that brawling was more common in the old days of wot, because of worse accuracy and lack of gold ammo for credits. People that sniped didn’t benefit so much so they had to move closer in order to hit and pen. Accuracy buff was what made people camp again. Just look at old wot videos from like 5 years ago, you could succesfully come closer to the enemies and pen them, because then all tanks also had weakspots that could be exploited.


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