WoT – Dev Conference Q&A

Q: Are there any decisions regarding prem MM tanks?
A: We have some solutions, but they don’t mesh well with the current matchmaker. First in line will be the KV-5. Tests will be done both on the sandbox and common test servers, and when players say the tank is ready, we’ll release it. At that point, we’ll offer a few solutions: gold return, taking the new KV-5, exchanging it for another prem tank. There are a few ways to rebalance it, like removing the iconic turret and such. We can’t rebalance all pref MM tanks at once, but we want to abolish it completely.

Q: Any gold changes?
A: In patch 1.0 we’ll remove the option to pay for consumables and ammo for gold. This will make it easier to rebalance premium ammo. We have three different solutions for this:
a) removing prem ammo (new would appear in its place)
b) making gold-only prem ammo
c) rework prem ammo economy completely

Q: Crew skills rework?
A: We want players to create crews which they will be able to play for a long time. On the other hand, an unorthodox approach to picking crew skills might surprise an enemy.

Q: Will you be able to change crew nationality?
A: It’s planned, and only once

Q: Sixth sense as a ‘zero perk’?
A: Most likely in the new Crew 2.0 system, which will be tested next year.

Q: Scaling in the HD client?
A: We’re working on it

Q: RNG range changes?
A: No plans

Q: Prem tanks for bonds?
A: Planned

Q: Do you plan to reduce the amount of LT ingame?
A: No plans

Q: Do you plan on introducing prem accounts for X hours or a set amount of battles?
A: No

Q: Were the lootboxes received well?
A: Yes, but they will only be up during events.

Q: PvE?
A: Planned

Q: Server replays?
A: In development

Q: Motivation for old players?
A: Yes, later this year

Q: Tank customization?
A: It’s split into three stages. Stage one is already in the game. Stage two is more customization in 2D. Stage three, namely advanced 3D customization, is the hardest, but we want to introduce it this year.

Q: Personal Missions 2.0 – Will we be able to activate more than one mission at a time, or pick it during the countdown?
A: No changes planned.

Q: New tutorial?
A: Yes, there won’t be mini-missions for beginners, but a helper which will point out your mistakes in real time.

Also what’s planned and disputed: disabling friendly fire, new voice commands, hiding your nickname, a verified mod database, and some mods that will make their way into the client.

  • The Super Conq is being investigated.
  • There’s a bot under development, which will play like a 48% WR potato to test tanks.
  • The premium ammo/consumable changes will be introduced after 1.0
  • After 1.0, small maps like Ensk and Karelia will be rebuilt.
  • Each new exception in the matchmaker puts a lot of stress on it
  • There are no problems with arty now
  • We’ll ponder upon penalizing arty players who drown themselves
  • No Type 5 Heavy changes planned
  • There will be a new referral program
  • Historical battles only in PvE
  • First few battles in stock tanks will be at the top tier
  • There will be a review of all special and personal mission tanks
  • Personal missions are for now planned for three seasons, and you’ll be able to do them simultaneously
  • T-22 medium is a closed chapter
  • Ranked for other tiers are debated upon