WoT – Dev Conference Q&A

Q: Are there any decisions regarding prem MM tanks?
A: We have some solutions, but they don’t mesh well with the current matchmaker. First in line will be the KV-5. Tests will be done both on the sandbox and common test servers, and when players say the tank is ready, we’ll release it. At that point, we’ll offer a few solutions: gold return, taking the new KV-5, exchanging it for another prem tank. There are a few ways to rebalance it, like removing the iconic turret and such. We can’t rebalance all pref MM tanks at once, but we want to abolish it completely.

Q: Any gold changes?
A: In patch 1.0 we’ll remove the option to pay for consumables and ammo for gold. This will make it easier to rebalance premium ammo. We have three different solutions for this:
a) removing prem ammo (new would appear in its place)
b) making gold-only prem ammo
c) rework prem ammo economy completely

Q: Crew skills rework?
A: We want players to create crews which they will be able to play for a long time. On the other hand, an unorthodox approach to picking crew skills might surprise an enemy.

Q: Will you be able to change crew nationality?
A: It’s planned, and only once

Q: Sixth sense as a ‘zero perk’?
A: Most likely in the new Crew 2.0 system, which will be tested next year.

Q: Scaling in the HD client?
A: We’re working on it

Q: RNG range changes?
A: No plans

Q: Prem tanks for bonds?
A: Planned

Q: Do you plan to reduce the amount of LT ingame?
A: No plans

Q: Do you plan on introducing prem accounts for X hours or a set amount of battles?
A: No

Q: Were the lootboxes received well?
A: Yes, but they will only be up during events.

Q: PvE?
A: Planned

Q: Server replays?
A: In development

Q: Motivation for old players?
A: Yes, later this year

Q: Tank customization?
A: It’s split into three stages. Stage one is already in the game. Stage two is more customization in 2D. Stage three, namely advanced 3D customization, is the hardest, but we want to introduce it this year.

Q: Personal Missions 2.0 – Will we be able to activate more than one mission at a time, or pick it during the countdown?
A: No changes planned.

Q: New tutorial?
A: Yes, there won’t be mini-missions for beginners, but a helper which will point out your mistakes in real time.

Also what’s planned and disputed: disabling friendly fire, new voice commands, hiding your nickname, a verified mod database, and some mods that will make their way into the client.

  • The Super Conq is being investigated.
  • There’s a bot under development, which will play like a 48% WR potato to test tanks.
  • The premium ammo/consumable changes will be introduced after 1.0
  • After 1.0, small maps like Ensk and Karelia will be rebuilt.
  • Each new exception in the matchmaker puts a lot of stress on it
  • There are no problems with arty now
  • We’ll ponder upon penalizing arty players who drown themselves
  • No Type 5 Heavy changes planned
  • There will be a new referral program
  • Historical battles only in PvE
  • First few battles in stock tanks will be at the top tier
  • There will be a review of all special and personal mission tanks
  • Personal missions are for now planned for three seasons, and you’ll be able to do them simultaneously
  • T-22 medium is a closed chapter
  • Ranked for other tiers are debated upon

58 thoughts on “WoT – Dev Conference Q&A

      1. Well lets not show any tears until you know how they do it. As if they go with C, it will only be more expensive. Then again removing it… or changing it as with option A. You could actually risk players getting upset as the premium tank they bought is no longer as advertised. And if they change normal tanks and leave premiums. Will that really fix anything?


    1. “or make it gold only” and “pay to win” cries the audience. probably just make them credit only and rebalance them, LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE IN 2010.

      “no problem with arty” except 0 damage stuns, which as an arty player I find to be bullshit. 0 damage stuns is like saying “you’re getting shot at” and your crew immediately has shell shock, yet they’re perfectly fine when a tank hits them.


      1. Are people actually using gold to shoot gold ammo? I’d be shocked if anyone actually does that. If they turn it to credits only, all you have to do is buy gold to convert to credits (which is a very poor conversion rate), but if you already use gold to shoot gold them much shouldn’t change.


  1. First few battles in stock tanks will be at the top tier

    This is a terrible idea. Your basically handicapping 1 of 3 top tier tanks. So instead of helping the player your actually hurting them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) You’re
      2) Try to play in a stock tank with no pen and a bad crew against +2 tiers
      3) Currently, they try to put you in top, equal tier matches are also counted as being top

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It should be equal tier matches ONLY for the first few battles. This won’t screw over the whole team for the sake of one player in stock tank but will still allow a fighting chance.


  2. 5% gold shells shot each match is horse shit jingles ratted them out and now they scramble to fix pay to win lol ty you salty gnome. 😉


  3. About the premium ammo changes.
    1) 10% more damage + same penetration as the standard shell
    2) 25% less damage + 10% better penetration than the standard shell
    I’d start some tests based on these two options.


    1. First one sounds like Hesh to me, it’s weird that for a long time the brits didn’t have any “press 2-key to pen” ammo and still they did fine, hell, the Cent 7/1 still doesn’t have that. 268 pen goes through most stuff.


  4. b) making gold-only prem ammo

    If they do that. The game will be dead faster then anything else they have done. As just making it “pay2win” won’t reduce it. I mean ppl got 100 000 gold in the Xmas loot boxes. And then you have CW players that can get gold regularly.


  5. Why the fuck penalise drowning arty WTMF?!?! – that is fucking stupid. It is every arty players’ god give right to drown themselves in order to deny the enemy the kill or if they just don’t want to play the game to the end.


        1. That’s like saying all Eastern EU players are Stalin apologizers. Which plenty of them are, stop kissing his dad ass already, Stalin was a jackass and should be remembered as such. Nothing good to be found in that man.


    1. They should penalise arty players instead. Yes, this is hate speech, you are damn right. And no, this is not a joke. I do mean arty should be hang and burn.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Be aware that, they didn’t say they will absolutely “remove” gold ammo. What they said was they will do something. In the worst case, they might either choose option B or C, which both sounds dumb enough for WG to actually pull it off.


    1. Lowering their damge to about 2/3rd of the original would balance them out non the less… Right now their only trade of is higher shell cost, which is not enough.

      This should be a mostly skill based game and high tiers 80% of the time got reduced to point where people are sitting hulldown and shooting 340-400mm HEAT pen at eachothers turrets. Although one thing aiding this problem is a consequence of new maps being just being like 2/3 lane corridor fests with little to no opportunities to flank anyone.

      Playing Paris in lightly armored vehicles or even lower pen ones is just terrible.


      1. Lowering the damage probably wont discourage its use since certain tanks simply require gold ammo to be penned. The small maps combined with the armor creep, removal of weakspots and constant +0~+2 matchmaking make it really hard to do well without it. That and it just reduces RNG: why aim for a tiny cupola you also need a good pen roll for? Shooting gold at a large surface negates most of the acc and pen rolls.

        If anything, fix either the acc by increasing it when fully aimed, or take away the pen roll by making actual weakspots again. Gold ammo just messes up the tank balancing, I’d rather see it go away and seeing something like a more refined pen system with various shell types (alongside bigger maps for higher tiers).


  6. “There will be a review of all special and personal mission tanks”

    Hopefully give the Object 260 some more hp, its got worse armor than the IS7 and 300 less hp, & its only marginally faster.

    T55 could do with a few buffs too so its closer to a T54 in its current state.


  7. Why not change gold ammo to be like that in wot blitz ? All the gold ammo do 5% less damage compared to regular ammo, but in return, the cost reduces by 5% as well.


  8. In respect to every thing Wargaming lead devs say/promise.
    One would be wise to not get his or her ones hopes up, over what these manipulators promise. Wargaming devs have a long long track record of: OVER DOING the things they wanted to change and or implement.

    Like OVER NERFING or OVER BUFFING content (tanks/maps/etc etc) that does not need any major/sharp/severe changes.

    Wargaming devs have over the years said a lot and made lots of promises, just to keep you the customers engaged. Just like a carrot on the stick, that you dingle in front of a horse to keep it walking forward.

    So open you’re eye and take EVERYTHING these manipulators say with a huge truck load of salt.


  9. **At that point, we’ll offer a few solutions: gold return, taking the new KV-5, exchanging it for another prem tank.**

    Fuck the ‘exchange for Gold’ that’s bullshit

    give all the players with Preferential MM tanks that get removed with THERE CASH BACK into there bank account

    Fuck WG the money grabbing whores, if they remove Premium tanks for a complete different Premium I want MY MONEY BACK

    ……… of course WG take our money with both hands, but give it to us back? lol!


  10. lmao
    no problem with arty ; sure no problem with this fucking cancer class
    no type5heavy changes ; let the bots do 500 dmg per shot without any knowledge of the game
    t-22 chapter closed ; so no buffs for this trash med that was once an alright med overhyped by retards that dont know weakspots

    gold ammo is fine otherwise good luck penning the new retarded heavies in corridor maps


  11. Why is the Super Conq is being investigated? I really think they should investigate all the tier 10 Russian tanks that are obviously over powered. According to VBaddict 6 out 10 best win rate tanks are Russian. Bias?


  12. Gold ammo changes,…
    My prayers and goath offerings have bared fruit at last! 🙂

    This realy is the best news i have heard in years


  13. I vote for b) making gold-only premium ammo

    And here is why. That is how this game started at the first place in 2010 and when I joined in early 2011 it was the same. You rarely ever saw someone shooting gold at you.
    Now of course doe to the many ,,skilled” players who only become blue or purple thanks to the gold ammo for credits, this will not resolve the issue instantly. Many will still spend even gold for premium ammunition, which is lame by itself, but in a long run, the number of such unskilled people, or skilled but not as their stats show will fade away.
    Calling pay to win…You can do that, but considering how few will buy premium ammunition for gold in a year after the planned change, everyone would benefit from it.
    I am not playing this game since like 3 weeks or a month now, I uninstalled the game doe to:

    ⚫ the rampant premium ammunition usage;
    ⚫ the ridiculous, never seen before russian bias in it’s current form;
    ⚫ Meanwhile mocking with germans and german tanks;
    ⚫ The 2-3 min. long battles and the so many 15-0 or 0-15, or close to such result battles, doe to the unbalanced mm, unbalanced tanks, uncontrolled premium usage and general speed buff of vehicles;


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