IS-7 Controversy

Recently, in the WoT community there were speculations that the IS-7 has an increased XP coeficient. As an example, several battles were made, where the player in the IS-7, doing practically nothing, gained more experience than more active vehicles in combat. Immediately there was speculation that WG specifically favors Soviet tanks in the game, giving the IS-7 as the biggest proof.

Afterwards, the official response came from Kandly:

Links to forum talks on the subject: 1, 2, 3


13 thoughts on “IS-7 Controversy

  1. No, its not Russian Bias, its just proof that their system for calculating XP reward in game is broken AF.
    Ive had PLENTY of games, where a tank with fewer kills, damage, assist damage, all of that stuff, got more experience than ME or someone else with multiple kills, damage and assist damage all combined.
    Conclusion: Wargaming has crap programmers =\


    1. Could be bonus exp you get for shooting at higher tier vehicles.
      If you wrecked low tier vehicles, while a bottom tier vehicle did a bit damage to higher tier vehicles, that could have boosted his exp.

      Also, when you do damage over great distance that your teammates pot for you, that also grants less exp than doing damage to tanks that you are spotting yourself.


      1. And one more additional XP bonus is fighting in very close range, it gives even more XP.
        So combine all these factors together and your blank numbers may vary a lot if you don’t take all the context into consideration.


  2. Really? this was news? One of the replays that was shown the E4 that did 4K damage and got less XP vs the IS-7 was hiding behind a rock and going forward to shoot targets the IS-7 spotted for him. Basically losing 50% of the XP for every damage point he did. As every HT near him more or less had 4K assist combined. IS-7 in question did leave to cover the rear after getting that assist to do 2K damage on his own spotting. Not sharing the XP with anyone. I saw nothing wrong with any of the replays tbh. Then again, the IS-7 on the 3rd replay had an IS-7 on their team with less XP for 5K damage vs a medium with 2K and no assist. That more or less voided the theory alone. But since the enemy IS-7 got 10 more XP vs a medium that did 2K damage he did on the red line. It was still rigged.

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  3. Funny that the EU moderation actually bothers to reply to something, makes one wonder if there actually is an issue. Otherwise, they usually let “tinfoil hat” theories go way under the radar for their reply.


  4. Credit and experience earning formulas are on wiki. But with an unknown multiplier different from tank to tank. But honestly I think WG hit the experience and credit formulas pretty spot on.


  5. I’m kinda surprised no one’s managed to backwards generate the xp calculation, there’s been untold millions of games played etc


  6. people are up in arms about the IS-7? yet no one mentions the Churchill III with its +30% base XP bonus ontop of the regular premium tank xp bonus?


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