WoT RU: Unique Day of the Defender of Fatherland camo


From February 14th to March 2nd in the in-game store a new style of customization will be available, dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

You can purchase it for 1,000 gold and install it on any tier VIII premium tank, as well as any tier X machine in your hangar.

The style includes camouflage and inscriptions for all types of maps and gives a bonus to tank’s camouflage values. It can be freely removed and installed on different tanks an unlimited number of times.


17 thoughts on “WoT RU: Unique Day of the Defender of Fatherland camo

    1. No longer political correct. Anything female is weak and belong in the kitchen. Something so important as the m.. Fatherland have to be masculine.


    2. It goes both ways. “Rodina” is a Motherland, but “Otechestvo” is Fatherland. 23th of february is the day of Defenders of the “Otechestvo”, therefore Fatherland.


    1. The camo is a purshase so you can move it around.
      You cant have it on multiple tanks at the time, but you can remove it from its tank to put it on another. Just like the current christmas camos work, and probably all camos bought with gold.


    2. This is the case for every tank decoration/camo bought for gold. I have moved the gold camo from my T32 and used it for the t92 without paying anything.


  1. Guess they are trying to make players spend their gold after the gold-frenzy last christmas, i bet a lot of players who usually spend money on this games have a large reserve now and don’t feel inclined to buy more gold, with no worthwhile premium to buy in in-game shop.


  2. Some camo you are limited with….if you buy black widow and add to a chinese tank then you can only them move it around on chinese tanks.


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