WoT NA February Overview: Defender to be sold next month

Source: NA Portal

Valentine’s Day & Carnival

Four days of Gold discounts on the Matilda IVMatilda Black Prince, and (or course), the Valentine II — along with special missions that yield Personal Reserves and consumables!
Don’t forget: Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, Feb,. 14!

Feb. 12-16: Valentine’s Day / Carnival Discounts and Missions

Sabaton Steamroller!

Heavy metal band Sabaton is on tour, and their Primo Victoria tank is the centerpiece of this month’s Tank Rewards! It’s also on sale in the Premium Shop, and don’t miss our special missions for Sabaton emblems!

Feb. 8-26:  Primo Victoria Premium Tank Sale

Feb. 8-26: Sabaton Inscription Missions
Note: You must purchase the Primo Victoria during this time to play the Inscription missions.

Feb. 10-Mar. 5: Tank Rewards

Wanna Trade?

You can exchange old Premium tanks to buy shiny new ones at a reduced price!

Feb. 7-21: Trade Old for New Vehicles

Special Sales

The “Triumvirate” package gets a partner: a package of Credits, Gold, and Premium time that should be “just enough” to get you out of tough spots!

Feb. 1-15: Just Enough

Feb. 15-Mar. 2: Triumvirate

Premium Tank Sales

February has a surprise vehicle and gives a last chance to pick up an old favorite!

Feb. 1-12:  VIIKV-122

Feb. 2-6:  VIIIFCM 50 t  (Last Chance)

Feb. 8-26:  VIIIPrimo Victoria

Feb. 15-26:Surprise!

Feb. 22-Mar. 5:  VIIIObject 252U Defender

Special Weekend Events

Earn XP, consumables, and other bonuses during the following weekends:

Feb. 2-5: Groundhog’s Weekend

Feb. 9-12: Supply Raid Missions and x3 XP Weekend

Feb. 16-19: Lunar New Year

Feb. 23-26: Supply Raid Missions and x3 XP Weekend

“On Track” Missions

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles. This month we show you how to earn Chinese heavy tanks!

Feb. 16-Mar. 2: On Track to the 113 and WZ-111 model 5A

Weekly Deals

Get an edge during combat with these weekly specials on Gold, Premium time, and other goodies.

Feb. 1-12: Earn

Feb. 8-19: Advance

Feb. 15-26: Expand

Feb. 22-Mar. 5: Boost

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an“Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock three special emblems:

Feb. 2-12: T-80Type 61T1 Heavy TankJagdpanther

Feb. 9-19: T37Centurion Mk. 1IS-3UDES 03

Feb. 16-26: M5A1 StuartType 58WZ-111 model 1-4T-34-2G FT

Feb. 23-Mar. 5: CrusaderLeopard Prototyp AT110E5ISU-152


21 thoughts on “WoT NA February Overview: Defender to be sold next month

  1. Wargaming already has a dying server on their hand and what do they decide to do: Sell a tank which completely ruins tier 6 to 8 gameplay……

    I mean sometimes you really have to wonder what the mental capacity of some of the people in charge is with these kind of decisions….


    1. You can’t transfer account progress. You start from 0 if you move to another server. So calm your tits scrub. And why is FCM 50t last chance? Is the retirement program back online? I didn’t see any news on that.


  2. I do not understand why everyone says that Defender is overpowered while it is clearly underpowered, sure it has really good armor, but the thing is, 9 out of 10 games with defender you end up in tier 10 match and Defender vs. any tier X is really bad because of the gun handling is so poor, you cannot aim properly to the weakspot whatsoever.

    Skorpion G or Lowe are much better tanks than Defender, because they actually have the pen and accuracy to deal with TX tanks. I own defender, lowe and Skorpion G and I dont play defender at all on public matchups, only in SH/Team battles. Defender is just a free damage for every T9 or T10 tank.

    I hate people talking about Defender and they dont even own the tank, so they think how OP it must be, because ther favorite youtuber said it so it must be true. Have you seen recently that your favorite youtuber would play Defender for credits (exclude tank requests) ? Almost every premium medium or Skorpion or Lowe is better choise for public matchups just because of the currect T8 MM.


  3. Get a clue guys. The Defender was last years power creep.

    They’re only selling the Defender now to make sure that there are a lot more fodder tanks for the new series of OP tanks to chew on.

    This year we’ll get a whole new series of OP tanks. So the Defender will end up being more scrub bait.


  4. I’m curious when the will release a Swedish heavy premium, the Primo is useless for training Swedish crews from tanks tier 8 or higher.


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