Tanks reclaimed by nature



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The forgotten battle of WWII: Okinawa based Marines step back in time on Peleliu26-Puvpjxz42-ZFiUqbN35-rMJN90Zhqdefaulttanks-5d7b45e19c7a3cc2bec52bb6b9992d17137-RXDFrnf36-xYaSRjv23-mvlX8TL41-E6bDwhuabandoned-tanks-shikotan-island-sakhalin-russia-3800px-Soviet_Tank_8384452722-800x42038-ptD0i8Z




26 thoughts on “Tanks reclaimed by nature

    1. the third photo seems to be of a Chi-Ha kai (Shinhoto Chi-Ha), the Chi-He hull is a bit more “rectangular” especially in the rear, you can see how the rear is a bit sloped forward while on the Chi-He the engine bay goes all the way to the rear and drops down almost vertical in the rear plate, in addition there’s the access port in the left side (in the back) while on the Chi-He all the access to the engine is done from the top of the bay
      another difference is the missing turret reinforcement but it could happen that they did not apply it, the Chi-He as an additional 25mm plate bolted in the front of the turret reaching almost as far as the seam of the rear and front half of the turret that you can see in the photo


    1. Right click the image, “Copy image location”. Click the camera icon in the google image search bar, paste, go, “Large” and enjoy.


  1. years ago when i was in kuwait we went out for a shoot (arty) on the way we drove through the gulf war tank graveyard pretty spooky….
    miles and miles of all kind of vehicles and we drove right through the middle of it.


  2. surprised to see so many Chieftains and Centurions completely left to rust, some are probably from firing ranges but some seem to have been left in some more exotic locations, I wonder how they got there

    either way 2 made especially curious, where was that M41 left and on the 8th photo is that a burried M103 turret or a deformed soviet T-54/55 turret? it even seems to have the hole for the commanders cupola in the same place as the one on the M103


  3. Beautiful pics, I like the symbolism too. A tank is a marvelous human creation, used for war but still amazing displays of human engineering. These photos show them “returning to the earth” so to speak. Being reclaimed by nature, but who knows? Maybe one day the metal will be recycled again into a new war machine, or maybe soda cans, who knows?


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