WoT NA: Victory in the Ardennes

Source: WoT NA portal

As World War II ended, the Germans launched their last large-scale tank offensive against Allied forces on the Western Front. Also known as the Battle of the Bulge, the assault initiated in the heavily forested Ardennes; it was the biggest, bloodiest battle of the war for U.S. forces. The operation failed, taking a critical toll on the German war machine, and it also gave Soviet forces an opportunity to jump-start their offensive on the Eastern Front.

We’ve got Gold and Credit discounts on Premium and regular vehicles, Crew training, equipment, and more!

Victory in the Ardennes

Jan. 19-22, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

x3XP for the First Win
50%Credit Discount on Equipment
50%Gold Discount on Crew Training/Retraining
50%Gold Discount on Crew Skill Reset
25%Gold Discount on Crew Respecialization
50%Gold Discount on Premium Vehicles Tier II-V
50%Credit Discount on Regular Vehicles Tier II-V
30%Gold Discount on Premium Vehicles Tier VI-VII
30%Credit Discount on Regular Vehicles Tier VI-VII


4 thoughts on “WoT NA: Victory in the Ardennes

  1. Love how EU have specials but it’s not called victory of in the Ardenne while I live at 30 of the Ardenne themselves but the NA have it …


  2. ” Victory in the Ardennes”

    wow yes!
    a brand new open Map yes please and thank god!

    then I remembered …. its WOT and WarGame who don’t release new Maps anymore

    just warmed up old Maps now in “HD” where the brawling and corridors still very likely give the usual 4 minute slaughter memes


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