WoT Supertest: “Japort” and “Airport” map changes

Info about the changes in the maps “Japort” and “Airport” on the super test:

On the map “Port” added new positions for tank destroyers – henceforth they will be able to influence the actions of the enemy heavy tanks (paragraph 1 on the mini-map). We also improved the central part of the location – now this area is equally convenient for both teams – and made edits to the “balconies” in the north so that the break through the enemy’s defense was easier. We have made these changes so that you can play on this map with any vehicle class. In addition, this will improve the dynamics of the fighting.

Equally conditional Airport has undergone even more changes! So much so that there is no aerodrome left, so we’ll have to come up with a new name for the map. But this later, for now, a little more details about the changes.

Now the main actions are unfolding in the gorge behind the mountains with the temple. This is a zone for the collision of well-armored vehicles. Hiding under the rocks, they push the direction. At the beginning of the battle, this tactic can be used by fast medium and light tanks, if they venture to cross the bridge to the hill with the temple. In this zone the medium tank combat starts nearly instantly. Firefights are mainly at medium and long distances. On the map there is room for any technique. Heavies fight in the gorge, tank destroyers are able to work out in the intersections,  light, medium and light tanks fiercely fight out on the hill with the temple. Let’s see what happens in practice.

Airport map video:


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