War Thunder – Ban Wave Follow-up

From Scarper himself:

Recently we blocked user accounts who turned out to be using fraudulent Steam DLC keys (originally purchased using stolen credit cards). These purchases entailed financial loss for our company as once the fraudulent transaction is discovered and reported, we and Steam not only have to refund the full price of the DLC to the rightful owner of the credit card, but also we are liable for chargeback fee. All gaming companies do not treat such fraud lightly and will act accordingly.

Fraudulent purchases like this can be made directly through Steam and also through private means such as third-party websites. In the latter case the scammers purchase the keys from Steam using stolen cards and then resell them at significantly lower prices elsewhere. Users who purchase these keys from the scammers are actually harming developers instead of supporting them and encouraging the fraudsters, as described above. Whilst players have content on their accounts that has been acquired through illegitimate means (fraud) they are susceptible to an account ban. This is what happened.

However, we do give the benefit of the doubt that most players may be unaware and ill-informed and do not understand the harm that they inflict. Some of these users may have actually made legal purchases in the past. So, although obtaining fraudulent content is a serious breach of the EULA and Terms of Use, on this occasion only (we will not do it again) we will settle on revoking the fraudulent purchase and instigate a ban for two weeks (from January 12th) instead of permanently. Please be more careful in future and don’t become the victims of scammers.  

Please note that this applies only to accounts that will not show a negative Golden Eagles balance as a result of revoked purchases. Otherwise you will need to cover the difference before having your access to the game restored by making a request  by making a request to our customer support.

Thank you. o7