Supertest – East Port Map

The Supertest has received a new map, internally called Japort, the final name should however be East Port.



14 thoughts on “Supertest – East Port Map

  1. I’m actually really keen for this, looks like one of the more unique maps we’ve seen in a while… I guess it helps now that they can just take the battleship model from WoWs to use in WoT


    1. Incidentally my main concern is the use of what looks like the Bismark class battleships on a Japanese themed map… Why not use the Yamato and Musashi?

      But I do agree with you, there appears to be too many different things going on. I agree with Domo below in that it looks like it’s for grand battles. Personally I would say reduce the size to fit 15vs15, remove the runway and set up a port town there instead


      1. I think is pretty obvious the use of a german battleship, RAF planes, european buildings and pagodas clipping into each other is because the aesthetics aren’t final and just something the throw there for the gameplay perspective.


  2. lots of good stuff going on there like the battleships and being able to go in structures but it looks like another grand battle map. The 15v15 players need attention too


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