PSA: might be compromised

UPDATE: Kittenses, the creator of, has come out with a statement that the site’s code has not been touched and it does not contain any miners. It is likely to be a problem with certain ads being served.

According to several people, a popular and widely used site could contain miners. Users have experienced high CPU usage while checking out models on the said site. Just as a warning, be aware of the miners when visiting the site next time.

Redditor erickbaka:

„Hi, this is not completely sure yet, but just as a heads-up: yesterday when I was looking up 3D models of tanks on there using my Chrome browser, it suddenly managed to saturate all 6 cores of i5 8600K @5GHz with 100% load.

I managed to replicate this on a different computer, using Chrome and loading the “Visual” preset of a 3D model. The hitbox view seems to work fine btw.

There might be a chance that something fishy is going on – it could be a Javascript cryptominer or even a dumping of kernel memory due to the Intel hardware security bug.”