PSA: might be compromised

UPDATE: Kittenses, the creator of, has come out with a statement that the site’s code has not been touched and it does not contain any miners. It is likely to be a problem with certain ads being served.

According to several people, a popular and widely used site could contain miners. Users have experienced high CPU usage while checking out models on the said site. Just as a warning, be aware of the miners when visiting the site next time.

Redditor erickbaka:

„Hi, this is not completely sure yet, but just as a heads-up: yesterday when I was looking up 3D models of tanks on there using my Chrome browser, it suddenly managed to saturate all 6 cores of i5 8600K @5GHz with 100% load.

I managed to replicate this on a different computer, using Chrome and loading the “Visual” preset of a 3D model. The hitbox view seems to work fine btw.

There might be a chance that something fishy is going on – it could be a Javascript cryptominer or even a dumping of kernel memory due to the Intel hardware security bug.”


25 thoughts on “PSA: might be compromised

  1. A Friend of mine had some Chrome issues the other day where also got 100% CPU usage. Might not be the side itself but something on it that triggers that.


  2. Beyond a single Reddit poster’s purported issues, has there been any evidence to back this claim?

    I have no dog in the hunt, but a single user experience seems questionable.

    Or is this fake news designed to make look bad?

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    1. Other people have supported this person in the comments, therefore something must be up, be it on the site’s side or due to a faulty browser


        1. Interrupting to say there might be something fishy. When I’m on TAP, my usage is from 3% to 6%. When I switch to (IS-4 collision model), usage jumps to 47%. Using Opera browser.


    2. That one guy jumped to conclusions without even checking if his systems are clean of malware or testing a different browser. It’s disappointing that TAP publishes unverified information from unreliable sources. The majority of users on that thread are not having any problems with

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      1. Not the first time they have jumped the gun. Sure others in the same redit have the same issues. But it’s not widespread, and it could be a local issue vs their servers etc.


    3. What would anyone have to gain by making look bad in the first place? Is there any competition offering similar content?


  3. I read the other day about chrome and CPU usage, and why people complain it uses so much of the CPU. The Devs of Chrome said it can also be the extensions, Chrome opens individual processes for each extension you’ve got, unlike other browsers. I was on just now and mine still runs under than 40%


  4. I could make a similar article about TAP. Plenty of times where my PC grinds to a halt on this site. Doesn’t mean its miners.


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