Supertest: T-44 Buffs

Some quick info about incoming/planned buffs for the old warhorse.

Engine power: 680 HP > 820 HP

Reverse speed: -20 km/h > -23 km/h

LB-1 reload speed: 7.5s > 7.0s

Turn bloom: 0.18 > 0.14

Also there will be some other ‘stabilization’ buffs.


24 thoughts on “Supertest: T-44 Buffs

  1. Holy moly, more horsepower, better reload, better reverse speed and better turret bloom. Oh yes oh yeeeeessss !
    Hopefully these changes will be applied.
    Cant wait for it ^^


  2. That is great.
    The T44 is a nice little tier 8 Medium that can be fun.
    It is in need of a buff.

    Now buff the friggin TVP VTU!!!!!
    On my 2nd account, I have the T-34/100, and can’t be arsed to grind it because I want to make sure I have 100-150k fxp so I can skip most of the t8 before I go for it.
    The tier 7 is good, but the t8 is HORRIBAD!!!!!


    1. Oh wait, you are correct we totally forgot about that…

      – T-34-2’s turret traverse was buffed by 2 degree’s per second.

      There, all done.


    2. They should give the t-34-2 the 122mm of the t-34-2 G FT. Or at least buff its stats close to the t-34-3. It used to have better aim time than the premium, but now It is the same. The 100mm have worse stats than the 122 on the Guard, and now will be way more trash than the t-44. Buffing its 122 is a more logical option.


  3. I wish buffs for my little T-34-2, i really like this tank but it is just lackluster when compared to other tanks. Funny that it is one of my statistically best tanks in the game


  4. so now we could have a situation wheere the tier 8 medium has 300 more horsepower than the tier 10 medium while being lighter but the soviet tier 10 medium ufos will probably still out accelerate it XD


  5. Wow this tank really gets some love doesent it.
    Pen was buffed the turret got a massive armor buff and now these changes.
    And tbh i dont think that thing was a bad medium to begin with…


  6. Why need this tank a buff … its complete fine other tanks are much weaker like said above T34-2 or TVP both more or lesss totall crap in best mediocre tanks…..


  7. Dummy Russian players complain about Russian tank after a bad game and endless buffs happen. Everyone else gets nothing but a mid-digit to swivel on.


  8. Wargaming only cares about russian tanks and for the rest of us who play other nations it sticks their middle fingers in our buttholes


  9. Ok lets buff them all then if in every comment is another tank wished to be bufft. Chinese t34, t7,8 really needs some help, others can wait, soon tier 8 will be all defender overbuffed and mm every game t10😀😂


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