Supertest: Port and Airport Maps

One will be chosen from the 2 to be implemented in the game.


The Port map is a mixed project with both open and closed spaces. The map has been divided into two zones – the open part (north) and the port (south). Each of these parts provides the opportunity to play a specific class of vehicles. The port part of the location is intended for heavy armored tanks. Lightly armored vehicles can support the team from the edge of the map. In the center of the map there is a hill with underground tunnels, the control of which allows you to quickly change the flank and make a surprise attack.

The second map is a summer map with a rather unusual appearance – for more, see the videos!


13 thoughts on “Supertest: Port and Airport Maps

  1. The port one looks fun because all classes have a chance to do good and it looks like there are chances to go up and in structures and buildings. The airport has a giant freakin penis lake in the middle…

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  2. These raw mapdesigns with no cosmetics always remind me of good ol’ Battlefield 2 😀
    That being said I think the first one (Port) looks more interesting, with more variaty and options.

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  3. Port ought to be called “Dock” because there’s no industrial area to service it or deliver freight. I do like the areas with overhead cover though. Pagodas look wrong with a Nazi Battleship. They should have gone with a French City.


  4. That Port map looks like they’re combining Port and Hidden Village….wtf. I mean i like everything else about the map, but the mixture of cultures is odd.


  5. Port looks interesting but.. how the hell do you play late game on this map??? It is gigantic, some 49%er bots will just sit somewhere and it will be impossible to find him


    1. Airport map is basically Lakeville + MountainPass that got a child together
      the ideas of the maps are fantastic, im hyped, but, i feel like there are too many bushes etc and the design really promotes camping..


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