Supertest: Province Map

Yes, you read that right. The map is undergoing major changes and we hope it will return to the game. Two variants entered supertest today, which differ greatly from the old original map you are used with. As you know, the old map was removed because it offered too long battles, which even reached 15 minutes often and ended in draws. The first of the versions should make battles more dynamic and the second is only an improved version. The flanks were changed.

More pictures:


3 thoughts on “Supertest: Province Map

  1. if anyone is surprised with this then I do not know in which world they have been living in, WG CEO has repeatidly said Province was his favourite map (proof of him being a seal-clubbing B*stard?) and that would be the last map anyone in WG would have the b*lls to remove, not even the worlds top troll (SerB) would have the courage to do that


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