Advent Calendar Insider News

Our insider tells that the VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher is coming very soon (likely on 24th) and its price will be around 41 €. M6A2E1 will also be on sale, and tomorrow we will get Rudy.


32 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Insider News

    1. I don’t understand people like you. Do you really want tier 8 flooded with MM-breaking, completely overpowered premium tanks such as the Defender or the Chrysler K?

      I for my part never ever want to see them make an appearence in the premiumshop again, just like the Type 59.

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      1. Why does this matter to you ?
        Event if you think these tank break the game, WG will still sell them no matter what the community say about it.


  1. I really don’t know what to think of yet another superheavy added to the game. Those are a pain in the ass of overall gameplay, given the fact that 80% of the maps are corridormaps with no opportunity to flank.

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    1. Cupola and machinegun bulge are both weakspots, and there’s the sad truth that so many players have been using gold ammo a lot in recent times (no idea if it’s still a trend, been away from the game for some time).

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    2. There’s no law saying you can’t just use your S key to draw them out of said corridor into crossfire. Only a fool stands his ground against an enemy he can’t hurt from that position.


  2. This VK 168.01 is ugly as f*** in my opinion, but at least it seem to have some weakspots.
    M6A2E1 Well i did not bought i last year and i ll not buy it this year. It was an exclusive tank only for those how bought the Founderpacks for around 100€ (dont remember if that was the right name and price) and WG said they will never sell this tank again (there are several threads about it in the forum).
    And i will not support breaking promises.
    The Rudy is a nice and fun tank to play. I really like it a lot.

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  3. Wg breaks promises where they can. You should not care about not supporting breaking promises anymore. What we need to do is not trust anything what they about to say or promise. Like I do have type 59 since years now, and I am waiting WG to sell it again for cash grabbing.
    Remember, never trust what WG says for a fraction of a minute and you won’t get disappointed by them.

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  4. The Rudy is a nice tank. I got one, but sadly there is few reasons to play it besides daily victories if you also own the Overbuffed 34-85M of Powercreep.

    The VK168… I might consider it, but well… There is he VK100.01P available for free, which is just plain better and broken. Nerf the 100.01 so both are roughly equivalent and I’m you man.

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  5. Pz IV.S. – bought one years ago. I’ve always liked it, when it wasn’t popular. The engine is hugely under powered (ie. from a lawnmower). However, the gun handling and ROF is godlike.


  6. And What about Defender ? Will be Defender in callendar ? I hope cause i want to buy him and if he will not be ill be sad that i didn’t bought anything and i got to wait or buy something normal from normal premium shop.


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