War Thunder – 1.75 Dev Server Datamine



13 thoughts on “War Thunder – 1.75 Dev Server Datamine

  1. interesting, can’t help but notice some glaring issues but overall it will be interesting
    1) Sherman Jumo instead of the french built ARL 44 as the first heavy tank in the TT

    2) only the Hotchkiss H35 upgraded form, the H39, will acompany the B1 Bis and Somua S35 as the only vehicles even close to BR 3.0

    3) the WWI era guns are the problem of the french lower BRs vehicles, simply put the french, don’t have much of an option for BR3.0 to 3.7, the kind of BRs where “things get serious”, that is why they should had the planned upgraded variants with L/50 guns (something like 850m/s for the 37mm equiping the R-35, H-35 and FCM 36, and 900m/s for the 47mm that would equip the S35)

    4) poor heavy branch, not only does it start with an american tank, the Jumbo, instead of a french built one, the ARL 44, it also misses 3 others, the AMX-50 Surblindé, the AMX M4 90/100 (we need to wait and see which of the 2 instances of the prototype will be added) and the Somua SM, I can understand one of the M4’s and the Somua SM being left out as potential premiums but leaving 3 at ounce is just too greedy, especially if you consider that the only serial production HT is also being left out

    5) there’s no Rank VI tank, when you read below that the Chinese server will possibly see the Type 59 with ERA kit added this patch it makes it less understanding for them not adding the AMX-30 BRENUS at least, since there are other upgraded variants as well as the AMX-32 and AMX-40 prototypes

    6) TD branch with 3 TD’s (Lorraine 100, AMX 50 Foch and Sau 40)

    7) what about the mid ranks? will it be the lights (AMX-13) with a medium tank here and there scattered from BR 3.3 to 5.0?
    the Jumbo is 4.3 or 4.7, the M4A1 is 3.3, the M4A4 (SA50) will be 3.7 or 4.0 (possibly since the SA50 is way better than the 75mm M3), the M4 FL10 will probably be 4.0 or 4.3 (since it has an auto-loader), I can’t see the Lorraine 40t be lower than 6.0 with its 100mm gun

    8) no AMX-13 105, Bat.Chat 25t or any of the 4 ELC AMX tanks
    especially the AMX-13 105, that does not need to be kept as a potential premium since there’s other related options, you could consider the Austrian “cousin” as a potential premium or be more realistic and chose modifications made outside of France, like the Argentinian TAM (some of it’s variants could also work as rank V premiums and Rank VI candidates as lights or TD’s)

    9) no “exoctic” AMX-13’s I was expecting seeing at least the SPAA variant, the AMX-13 Chaffee or the M24 FL-10/11 (whichever was the original turret), there’s no much sense of having the last 2 as premiums since they will compete for the same position


    1. I am pretty sure a lot of the vehicles that were datamined, that currently aren’t in the devserver tech tree will come in the next iteration.


      1. I am not so sure, if you take a look at previous datamines they even figured out events that came almost 1 month after the update
        I don’t remember having seen a datamine for the update with french aviation (probably because they made the dev server available as soon as they updated it) but the previous one, the one with rank VI, came out with every vehicle mentioned making it into the update, the major issue for now is probably the fact that there’s only 1 SPAA when it would be easy to at least add one SPAA based on the AMX-13


      2. new info, the AMX 50 Surbaisse is not part of the preliminary patchnotes and is not available on the dev server and neither is the AMX M4, this means that for now the french heavy tank line ends with an american copy at rank III and none of the 7 post-war french heavies were added, including the only one that was mass produced

        btw, just as I expected the B1 Ter is 100% pay-to-win, BR2.3 with 75mm of armour and a 47mm gun that can reliably pen most of it’s opponents (even some BR3.3 vehicles), then again Gaijin is toying with the players and have only made available a really basic ammo option, just like with the japanese tanks


        1. What I meant is that tanks datmined(there are screenshots on reddit) that aren’t in the tech tree yet, like the AMX 50, will be included later on the dev server. It’s not uncommon for them to be adding vehicles with devserver iterations.


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