List of Gifted Light Tanks (so far)

These are all the gift tanks we got from since the end of the open beta:

M3 Stuart (LT-3, USSR, year 2011);
Tetrarch (LT-2, USSR, 2012);
T1E6 (LT-2, USA, year 2013);
LTP (LT-3, USSR, Wargaming’s 15th Birthday);
T7 Combat Car (LT-2, USA, award for winning Golden Joystick 2013);
Light MK. VIC (LT-2, UK, year 2014);
Type 98 Te-Ke (LT-2, Japan, year 2015);
Pz II ausf. D (LT-2, Germany, year 2015);
BT-7 Artillery (LT-3, USSR, WoT’s 5th anniversary);
Toldi III (LT-3, Germany, year 2016);
T-45 (LT-2, USSR, WoT’s sixth birthday);
L-60 (LT-2, Sweden, year 2016 Christmas).