List of Gifted Light Tanks (so far)

These are all the gift tanks we got from since the end of the open beta:

M3 Stuart (LT-3, USSR, year 2011);
Tetrarch (LT-2, USSR, 2012);
T1E6 (LT-2, USA, year 2013);
LTP (LT-3, USSR, Wargaming’s 15th Birthday);
T7 Combat Car (LT-2, USA, award for winning Golden Joystick 2013);
Light MK. VIC (LT-2, UK, year 2014);
Type 98 Te-Ke (LT-2, Japan, year 2015);
Pz II ausf. D (LT-2, Germany, year 2015);
BT-7 Artillery (LT-3, USSR, WoT’s 5th anniversary);
Toldi III (LT-3, Germany, year 2016);
T-45 (LT-2, USSR, WoT’s sixth birthday);
L-60 (LT-2, Sweden, year 2016 Christmas).


31 thoughts on “List of Gifted Light Tanks (so far)

    1. Tertrach was sold recently, in a rather small bundle for like €4 like 3 or 4 weeks ago. And most of them will definitely appear in the end of the year sales. I’m sure there is a gift tank bundle in the calendar or something. They had the M3 light and a few others last year for like €20.


        1. Not to mention it was bugged… so you could simply get the tank, sell it, then get it again, up to 5 times a day… I was unlucky to have sold it just before WG fixed the code :/


        1. Oh they sell at least one or two gift tank bundles each year. But it’s not all of them, just 3-4 of them in cheap bundle. They rarely sell then alone. Tho they did that with the Tetrarch a few weeks ago, and the T1E6 has been sold like that a few times. So you just gotta keep an eye out. M3 Light was in a T34 bundle last Xmas to name one.


      1. For most that is. After the tutorial was removed, they had it as tankfest codes. It’s the reason why you don’t get gold refunds on gift or code tanks. As gold “farmers” got 20 odd codes from each event back in the day.


        1. I was going to say I got mine from the tutorial, but like a noob back then I sold it, but it was offered in bundle with KV5 a long time ago so I got it back


          1. I sold it to back in the day. But got it back via the one time use premium tank refund deal they had, before they made the current rule set for it. So I got it back 2 years later, no questions asked. Now I use it more to train scout crews the the gift tanks. As it’s rare, but still rather good.


              1. what sucks is that it was nerfed, it had the bonus of not seeing tier 5, well now all tier 3 don’t see tier 5, it is still fairly decent but it lost its flair


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