PANZER 58 MUTZ – 32.45 € – Advent Calendar Day 6


This Swiss-developed vehicle offers a very pleasant playstyle that resembles that of the Indien Panzer. The defining feature of the Mutz is its gun, which features good values in terms of penetration, damage and elevation angles. The tank is also quite nimble and dynamic. However, this is balanced out by its rather unreliable armour. As a result, the Mutz excels in supporting roles and ambushing the enemy, but is inadequate for spearheading assaults.


20 thoughts on “PANZER 58 MUTZ – 32.45 € – Advent Calendar Day 6

    1. just guessing: maybe because RU and EU didn’t had this marathon? so there might be players out there who want to by it?

      well, next to the big problem that 3-5-7 is causing and that should get EVERYBODY away from buying any tier 8 prem.
      right now playing tier 8 tanks is more or less a big pain in the a** – 90% lowtier vs. 5 tier 9 and 3 tier 10. every MT of those tiers poses a VERY big threat to you, almost impenetrable turrets of russian MTs, british MTS and also US MTs not even mentionend. even with APCR …


      1. They would be greedy and cheap if they DID SELL the Defender. I guess if they sell the Defender, they would piss off far too many players for it to be worth it.


  1. They will sell Defender… just look back on trough days and you will see how “good” is going this year advent sale. You can count on one hand finger how many times did you see tanks from sale… today i have played around 20 games in t8 t9 MMs and I saw maybe 2 mutzs… and the days before where same… only t92 could be seen more than others…

    So they will scratch there heads on end a throw Defender in sale to boost there sale if they don’t do that they will have bone profit from this year Advent sale…


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