Australian Periphery Server Going 24/7 from Thursday

Santa has arrived early for Australian and New Zealand players, as we’re pleased to announce we’ll be keeping the ANZ periphery server on 24/7 from December 7 at 5:45pm AEDT (2:45pm UTC+8), until the foreseeable future. We’ve heard you loud and clear around the recent frustrations with the cable outage, so we’re bringing the server full time to test it out and ensure you have a great experience over the Christmas and New Year’s break.

We’ll be closely monitoring the servers to ensure matchmaking is fast and reliable. At the end of the trial period we’ll evaluate how it’s performing and may adjust the hours, or continue to let it run 24/7! While we’re keen to get the periphery server 24/7 permanently as soon as possible, we have to ensure it’s delivering a quality matchmaking experience.

We’d like to thank every single tanker who has joined us on the Australian periphery to make it successful and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Roll out!
Wargaming ANZ