Supertest: Changes of Soviet Tank Destroyers

SU-100M1. Parameters:

Tier: TD-7, USSR, standard
HP: 850
Max speed/Min speed: 54 / -16 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
View range: 350 m

Hull armor: 130 / 90 / 40 mm

Alpha Damage: 250 / 250 / 330
Penetration: 212 / 258 / 50 mm
Reload time: 6,0 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,39
Aiming time: 2,0 s
Depression/Elevation: -4 / +20

SU-101. Parameters:

Tier: TD-8, USSR, standard
HP: 850
Max speed/Min speed: 54 / -18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
View range: 350 m

Hull armor: 130 / 90 / 40 mm

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 258 / 340 / 68 mm
Reload time: 11,5 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,42
Aiming time: 2,4 s
Depression/Elevation: -3 / +18.3

Object 263. Parameters:

Tier: TD-9, USSR, standard
HP: 1800
Max speed/Min speed: 55 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 25 °/s
View range: 360 m

Hull armor: 250 / 80 / 50 mm

Alpha Damage: 550 / 550 / 750
Penetration: 270 / 300 / 75 mm
Reload time: 15,3 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,43
Aiming time: 2,1s
Depression/Elevation: -4 / +18

Object 268 Version 4. Parameters:

Tier: TD-10, USSR, standard
HP: 2100
Max speed/Min speed: 55 / -22 km / h
Hull turning speed: 23 °/s
View range: 420 m

Hull armor: 250 / 100 / 45 mm

Alpha Damage: 750 / 750 / 1100
Penetration: 293 / 360 / 90 mm
Reload time: 20,5 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,44
Aiming time: 2,0 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 / +15


29 thoughts on “Supertest: Changes of Soviet Tank Destroyers

  1. They better make a special Obj263 at tier X with the current stats. That new line has nothing in common with what we have now. People are grinding for fast firing low-alpha TDs and they’re changing that for the exact opposite. That’s fucking stealing.

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  2. How have WG not learnt yet that the issue isnt with the 263 but the line going up to it

    Also, the 268 Ver 4s gun is still dog shit. This will turn people away from the line, not make people want to go down it


    1. Seriously, the 268 Ver 4 isn’t much better the originally tested and they’ve still destroyed the 263.

      If this is implemented I may as well just sell both tanks because neither of them are good in any way


    2. Super test. Not final. And when they get there, RU will whine about it on CT and they will change it again. So I suspect it will change 5 more times before it hits live.


  3. I really dont know why WG Want an overall “unique” line to be changed especially when the obj.263 with his 550 Alpha and mobility different to other Tds. Why not replace the 122 54 with a more fitting Td and make it either a connector or a Special vehicle but please dont make this line into a 0815 Td line with a 750 alpha “brawler” on top


    1. if they wanted to have them all have rear mounted casements, they just needed to replace the SU-122-54 at tier 9, that’s it. WG should just put the Obj 268 Ver 4 at tier 9 instead of destroying a unique tier 10.

      Why would people go for the 268 Ver 4 at tier 10 when the 268 has better gun stats and mobility? They’re not improving the line, they’re making the choice of which tier 10 to go to easier

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      1. ^this, +1. But then, that’s the approach a normal person would pick. WG are obviusly mentally retarded and didn’t discover that option.
        – “Hey tavarush, SU-122-54 is inconsistent…”
        – “Ehhh ya, hey why not we replace Obj.263 then?”
        – “Oh daaa, that is great idea! Open vodka, we need celebrate great idea!!!”

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  4. These kind of changes pisses me off. FFS you stupid clowns at WG, players invest MONTHS into grinding tier 10s, and now suddenly you just piss is their faces and throw the tier 10 down to tier 9, to replace it with what? Another retarded boomstick. Players that grinded all the way to tier 10 did so because they wanted Obj.263 gameplay, not whatever shit you’re replacing it with.

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    1. Even since this info came out for the first time I’ve only seen players complain about it and ask WG to not do it. Yet WG proceeds. Fucking hell why do we even waste our time with WGs useless feedback threads? They do whatever they want anyway. I’ve long had the feeling that all this “line consistency” bullshit is not about line consistency, but about WG farming free xp. WG you greedy clowns.


      1. If you think we dislike these change, you should see russians.

        The Object 263 line change thread on their forums has basically evolved into more than 70 page megathread with basically 100% negativity, and they are spamming on their signatures not to touch the 263.

        I can safely say the feedback is way worse than Batchat changes. Atleast some people hated the Batchat. As for 263 line change literally no one benefits from it because those who dont play that line has to deal with a tier 10 TD that will be cancer to play against because you need gold to pen it combined with its yolo capacity and 750 alpha. Im pretty fucking surprised how they keep the 268 V4 the way it was because no one wants it when it is like that.

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  5. I suspect it’s because they buffed the frontal armor by 10mm and nerfed the HP for now by 140. That’s a bit to much even for that extra armor. As tbh.. the only thing I liked about it was the troll armor at times.


  6. if replacing the 122-54 why not put it in the 268 line? isu branches off to either the 122-54(fast firing) or the 704(high alpha but slow firing). just like the jpanther to either the jpanther 2 or the ferdi


  7. Marginally better than the first version because its slightly more logical and the SU-101 seemed like broken as shit with its first stats. Tier 7-8 changes seem fine, actually.

    However, tier 9/10 changes are fucking utterly retarded. Despite the critically high amount of negativity, they decide to not change it. G fucking G, wargaming. You will piss off a fuckton of people if you actually do this. No one wont be happy, except you because there is yet another retardproof tank that you need gold ammo to pen.


  8. Well, I can forget about getting the Obj 263 now… isn’t one Obj 268 enough? They seriously are ruining what this TD line is unique for: high mobility, quick reload and low DMG… Tiers VII and VIII still have that, but Tiers IX and X feels too similar to the other TD line in terms of weapon characteristics.

    Just put the Obj 268v4 as an alternative Tier X that both TD lines can go to from their Tier IX vehicles… problem solved. [not like as if this line needs any changes, maybe only for the SU-122-54]


  9. Why are they trying to turn this line into the Chinese TD line?? The whole point of those was armour + derpy guns, why make 263 line the same??


  10. 263 is unique at tier 10 this tanks would act more like Jgpz E100. Why not to get 263 gun on 268 ver 4 and just put it into the line at tier 9. Would look much better and would fit better, And su-122-54 next time tier 8 premium, as it is a tradition


  11. Lmao 420m view range and 20.5 second reload with worse armor than the Obj263
    This game is becoming a bigger unfunny joke


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