How WG Handles Chat Bans (WoWS)

Thanks to ndiver for the mail.

„I found today something interesting posted by the French Customer Support of WoT a year ago concerning sanctions against toxic players in the different ingame chats:
I realize now that it might interest more players than the few French ones, and decided to translate it in English.

To set the context, in the past years, I was living in Germany (now I’m back in France), where the government is quite aggressive against the promotion of Nazi symbols, including towards video games creators. Despite that, we frequently see in the chats of WoT or WoWs some idiots posting things like that:

As WG never reveals which sanctions are taken against these toxic players (reported through tickets to the support), I checked the activity of these players and realized that none of them got banned ingame after a reply from Support.
I thus started to publicly wonder if WG had really an interest in punishing these players:

And interestingly, I got an official reply from the French Customer Support on this question (first link in this mail), which gives you an insight of how the staff of WG deals with such questions. I do not want to put Taarl (who replied) in trouble for what he said, especially if some people might consider it as “too soft”, but it might help to understand that the Customer Support cares about it, and how WG handles this sensible question.

Here is the translation of this answer:

Dear players,

After a discussion with Tanatoy (note from ndiver: at this time he was the French Community Manager, now he got promoted to a higher position within the French WG Staff), I would like to give you an insight “on the other side of the mirror”. I’m a team leader at CS, for more than 3 years for those who don’t know me, and have been doing CS in video games for 8 years now. I hope that what you find below will answer some questions and allow you to reflect (think) on this subject. 🙂

First of all, it is important for me to remember that the chat in play is only the result of what users generally do with it. Even if some filters are possible, from the moment that we give everyone the opportunity to express themselves, and even more so, to exchange with the enemy, if only for a battle, you know as well as I do that the potential for negativity is extremely important. I regret to see no more GG nice shot and to see that the players prefer to shout out cheating when they take a bad shot rather than to accept that the other one (who may very well be yourself) played well. The 9.16 update should in this way reduce these toxic interactions between teams in any case, as said, at the expense of positive people (common scheme, even outside video games).

However, it is not a question of getting rid of the most insulting comments, but unfortunately we can only take action a posteriori, once the damage has been done.

An important principle is that the penalty must be applied according to the violation. Thus, in itself, depriving of play someone who has had insulting comments has little educational value. Similarly, someone with antifairplay behavior, applying him a chat penalty has little interest. We must have a certain logic: chat infraction = chat suspension, in-game infraction = game suspension.

Now, regarding the type of comments reported by Ndiver, obviously, a “simple” chat suspension (1 day or 2) is very little, that’s why these comments regularly result in suspensions of more than 10 days (14 days to be exact) and often accompanied by what is called a “final warning” (last warning), which means that at the next infringement, the user will be deprived of chat permanently. This type of sanction is applied regularly and, as Tanatoy has also said, believe that these behaviours are unbearable. We have no tolerance at this level and when we are informed, we have no mercy. Contrary to what may have been written, the fact that a user pays does not exempt him from behaving correctly, and when we apply these heavy penalties, the payment history is never taken into account.

Contrary to what may have been written above, a better atmosphere at stake is an important factor in terms of revenue generation, so we take these incidents very seriously.

With regard to the suggestion of disclosing the numbers, even anonymously, we already anticipate that whatever the numbers are, they will appear to be too few, or too many, depending on each one and will have no representative value in the sense that you will always lack information to put these numbers in their context.

I will come back on to the thread if there is a need or if Tanatoy calls upon me, and once again, I hope that these few words make sense to you.i

See you soon and good Sunday to everyone!


27 thoughts on “How WG Handles Chat Bans (WoWS)

  1. A small correction: this his how WG handles toxicity in chats in general, whatever the chat, whatever the game. I took a screenshot that was recently posted on WoWs as example, but the initial context was WoT.


  2. I can confirm that I didn’t get banned for shit talk in world of tanks ever since they removed chat for both teams. You’ll be glad to hear that I’m not playing this cancer anymore, just waiting to see “all servers merge into single RU in siberia”.

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  3. “I regret to see no more GG nice shot and to see that the players prefer to shout out cheating when they take a bad shot rather than to accept that the other one (who may very well be yourself) played well.”

    They really dont play their game, do they?
    How do I congratulate the other guy for his nice shot, when they turned off General Chat in Randoms? Dont come at me with the garage chat after battle…


    1. One “nice shot” of yours in exchange for how many subhuman comments as seen in the screen above? I’d pick current solution over this shit every day.

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  4. One “nice shot” of yours in exchange for how many subhuman comments as seen in the screen above? I’d pick current solution over this shit every day.

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    1. That’s at least how the French customer support handles the racism / toxicity that is directly reported by a ticket. And that’s IMHO better than nothing. After, I do not understand what justify some forms of toxicity seen in the chat (typically “get cancer”) and even less racism.
      If playing puts some players at the stress level to make them write such things, they should probably stop to play. The problem is also when these players take such words as something normal …


  5. All those cumsucking mongs in Wargaming’s games need to be told that it is exactly what they are and that they should either have been abortions or their grandparents should have been smoke from the ovens in Auschwitz or Treblinka. Wargaming took away that, not to protect players, in order to hide how large a percentage of the player base are mongs or bots. Also I do not accept or respect the EULA for any of Wargaming’s games and verbal abuse is the only way to let Wargaming know that they make stupid games for stupid people. P.S. A good insult is saying to a retard on the team that he is having sex with his sister who also happens to be his mother, most of the time it is rewarded with epic rage….


  6. Respect is to be earned, not to be taken for granted. Which says, those brain damaged subhuman/noobs in both wot and wows deserve no respect, for they play with the ultimate goal to make the team lose thereby destroying the game in long run. Every decent player has the very right to insult them until they apologise/get better/piss off from the game. And more importantly, noobs should always stay humble and know their place, they are not to shout back while being insulted as they deserve that,

    To insult is the only measure of sanction we players are able to make against noobs.

    In addition I would like to demonstrate a simple logic.
    1. One’s nationality is a fact
    2. One’s explicitly poor performance in the game is a fact. (High chance of this implying the person is actually stupid in real life, but not for 100%)

    Yet in some retards’ mindset, fact 1 + fact 2 = racism.
    The fact that WG treats those noobs equally as decent players and punish decent players for insulting noob is the greatest joke of all time kappa

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    1. Your just an asswipe keyboard warrior insulting anyone even on the internet isnt right you were a noob once everyone was, some have disabilies that prevent them from playing above average aswell

      Seriously why does it matter if someone plays good or not its a video game your sapose to relax and have fun hell i just get on WoT to shoot tanks am i good? nope im an average player at best and im ok with this because i had FUN and that is what video games should be about not lording your skills over everyone if someone screws up offer adivce if they turn it down oh well you tried leave it at that.

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      1. When I was a noob I knew I was one, so I had the correct manner to accept the blames and tried to get better.
        Everyone has the very right to have fun, that’s true. BUT NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO RUIN OTHER’S FUN YET THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THOSE AGGROGANT NOOBS ARE DOING. This game is not for the disabled ones, they should play offline single player games.
        You can be decent while having fun, they are not mutually exclusive. So stop finding excuse to defend your selfish noob playstyle. Please have some sense of responsibility

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        1. who are you to tell what games they can or cant play? your just being an asshole looking for excuses to put down others take a step back from your world and rethink how you conduct yourself, insulting people because they dont know the game while you offer no assistance to help that problem is why your an asshole.
          Put up or shut up, eather help correct the problem or keep your mouth shut instead of insulting someone which solves nothing.

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        2. To not respect a player playing bad is a thing, that your choice, but the subject of this article are the words used to express your dissatisfaction.
          There is a huge difference between saying: “why did you tried to rush them when they were outnumbering you? That was a stupid move”, between “you tard went to suicide rush”, and between “get cancer fucking gas chamber juden pig”.
          There is no excuse for some words we all have seen expressed in chats. And as I said, if playing puts you in the stress level that for you justify to write such words, you should stop to play, and probably consult a psychologist, because on a game, nothing, i repeat, NOTHING justifies for words of pure toxicity / racism / hate. Especially not the way to play of somebody else, and even more when you do not know to who you talk (i can be a 10 year old kid, it could be an injured war veteran, it could be someone at the hospital trying to recover from a cancer, it can be a grand-father …).
          From your words, you are not showing that you are a good player (if you think so), you are just showing that you are somebody not well-educated. It reminds me this citation: “It’s because the speed of light is faster than sound that so many people seem brilliant before they look stupid”.

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      2. Yeah,but fun is cheap for you if you re just a f2p player,while fun is expensive for someone who takes this game more serious than you and pays for prem time and prem tanks to be competitive,to get rewards,to get in a clan etc etc.Now that may not be your problem,but it sure is frustrating enough to play with 20.000 games/250 WN8 retards,who dont spend a single euro in this game,and are interested only to camp at the base,look at the landscape and shoot at the ground.Are those retards helping the game,or are they teason for toxicity?
        Baseline,yes,toxicity should be punished,but so should be trolls-bots-retards,who infuriate other players.
        Did any one of you ever heard of someone getting banned cause of noumerous bot-reports?….not me…….


  7. Wow, butthurt is strong in this one.
    Just to remind you, internet tough kids, people with disabilities/permanent injuries play MMOs and some outperform you without you ever noticing. They could be your brother, your sister or any other of your precious family members.
    But I know, hateful beings like you are full of shit and mad about life in general. No point to discuss any further with empathic bricks.

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    1. I don’t see the logic connection between my argument and yours kappa
      Did I blame people just because they are disabled or injuried? Nope I blame them for BEING AN AGGROGANT NOOB who ask for the respect they don’t deserve.
      Start making some sense dude

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      1. Everyone deserve respect, no matter how good or bad they are at a video game, except people full of hate like you. You really don’t deserve your name and must be a terrible person. It’s not the fault of the ”noob” you are insulting if you take this game so seriously that you might get butthurt playing it. This is the limit eveyone should apply to himself : if you ever get mad in real life for a video game, immediatly and definitively stop playing it. You must have a very sad social life to actually give a fuck if you win or lose a game. Insulting disrecpecfuls persons and crybabies are the main reason why i left wot.

        From an ex-dark blue / purple player.

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        1. Well said thats why i kinda stoped playing almost all PVP games, even uninstalled one of my most favorite FPS games BF4 cause i got tired of the toxicness PVP seems to bring out, im sticking to AW pve were i can still get my tank shooting kick while not having to worry about toxic people in most matches you still get afew sadly but oh well.


          1. I feel you. I myself now play WT, there is MUCH less cries / whine / insults /cheat calling there.
            In the alpha / Beta days, wows also used to be a nice place. Unfortunately, that changed fast once it was open for everyone.

            You don’t need to be a noob to be insulted non-stop in wot, and i was tired to get a death wish for my entire family everytime i got a kill.


  8. does nobody care that no matter what been said or done if somebody want to report u, simply click on that report and thats it
    thats not a system thats anarchy
    report anyone for anything at a max of 10 times a day! wtf


    1. by the way, verbal chat toxity and spamming the minimap is easy to fix, but how to fix if sombody pushes u out of cover bumps into u damn wg has a lot of work in this case


  9. This is a war game, insults and name calling are the basis of all war interactions. Plus the shooting, of course. Why would you ever chat ban players, violating their freedom of expression, because you are bad developer that allows aimbots and texture hacks and mods revealing terrain destruction on the map?

    I called WG out on their bullshit policy and freedom of expression, their reply was some crap about service conract. No service contract can have rules breaking national or constitutional laws – as Microsoft and Google found out at the very high cost.


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