G-Energy & World of Tanks Collaboration

G-Energy and World of Tanks have launched a joint project.

Premium motor oil brand G-Energy and the world famous online game World of Tanks have launched a joint campaign aimed at stimulating sales of high tech lubricants.

In the period from 1 October to 1 December each buyer of G-Energy oil cans in authorized stores gets a card with a promo code. By registering a promotional code on the game account, the participant gets the opportunity to become the owner of one of the three prizes*.

The offer covers cities of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

💬 “A joint project with World of Tanks – a new experience of communication with the consumer in digital marketing. We are developing a partnership, since the target audience of the game and the brand is similar in many respects, – says Deputy General Director of “Gazpromneft – lubricants” for marketing and strategic development, Roman Simovic. As a technology leader, we try to keep pace with the times in marketing and sales. In the future we plan to carry out various projects in the field of digitization and gamification”.

💬 “Fans of World of Tanks have some car-owning members, – said Konstantin Kamenev, Director of business development of Wargaming in the CIS area. Together with our partners, we give another opportunity to receive pleasant bonuses for our players.”

Website: www.wot.g-energy.org

*Prizes: 23351 bonus codes that give the lend-lease oil consumable in WoT; 5250 codes for 2500 gold in WoT; 580 codes for STG Guard in WoT.


10 thoughts on “G-Energy & World of Tanks Collaboration

  1. At last…after fucking us in the ass for so long it was about time they provided some proper lubrication.

    Seriously now, the data sheet suggests that this is some good quality stuff. It’s a shame we don’t get it in Europe.


  2. I use that oil in my skoda 1985, it is very good. Also I have tuned my skoda a bit and it is almost as fast as the bmw m3 e46 and that is dope. Fuck EU capitalist cars hehe. I am only stealing european luxury cars and strip them for parts, silly rich EU people gotta pay for their crimes.


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