Update 9.21 preview

First details of the next update has been announced by WG. More information (full patchnotes) should be coming later.


British Tank Destroyers

We heard from many of you that the non-turreted British TD line didn’t feel fun. Though the ATs never failed to get a lot of well-placed shots down-range, their fire rates were totally offset by low damage, and the notoriously huge hatches negated overall armor turning them into easy targets. To up the worthiness of these sluggish beasts, we boosted their armor and 32-pounder guns. These steps should reinforce their strength as support vehicles that can soak up a few hits in a pinch, and rip into enemies with an immense fire rate.

A re-tuning of the line wouldn’t be complete without a proper Tier X vehicle, something that could be a natural progression from the Tortoise. The FV215b (183) didn’t fit into the “well-protected support fire” concept we formed for the line, so it steps down in “special vehicle” status and frees up a space for the all-new FV217 Badger. If you have the FV215b (183) researched and purchased, you’re keeping it and getting the newcomer when 9.21 drops. Like its peers further down the line, the Badger equips a fast gun that easily pierces thick-skinned enemies. Its play style resembles the Tortoise in many ways, but the Badger outperforms its damage potential and protection, resulting in a more tangible step up from Tier IX. The FV217 Badger is all-out devastating as an enemy, but also proves to be a great ally when it dishes out tons of damage from afar.


Alternate French Heavy Tank Branch

The French Tech Tree gets a new line of heavy tanks starting from the AMX M4 mle. 45. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that this trio will make you reconsider calling French tanks paper-thin autoloaders. For starters, they have enough frontal and turret armor to take a few hits, and their guns all sport traditional reloads with exceptional accuracy, aim time, and stabilization. You’ll just have to make a choice: a gun with higher alpha or with better damage per minute? No right or wrong, though; it all depends on your play style.

New Grand Battles Map: Klondike

In the weeks since Grand Battles rolled out, we’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback, and one of the louder bits involved wanting more maps. Well, now hear this: warm your engines, because winter is coming to Grand Battles.

Epic 30v30 fights are expanding to “Klondike” this December. This new 1.4×1.4km mixed-terrain map takes you to North America, where icy winds blow across vast expanses of open field and down the cold, empty streets of an industrial area.

We’ve also heard concerns about getting matched in a Grand Battle. We’re working to fix the issue, so thank you for your patience and understanding.


48 thoughts on “Update 9.21 preview

  1. I let the Foch155 and FV215b slip through my fingers, I wont let it happen with the FV183. Here comes the free xp…
    Also that new tank. Better dpm than the Tortoise *-* This is going to be painful.


            1. How is doing almost 2K dmg in one shot to a Maus in the front “balanced” to you…
              Even the old arty with AP could barely do that, T92 was the only one with this sort of power, and it had 47s reload with 0.92 accuracy, compared to DeathStar’s 25s 0.38. And T92 still bounced and did tracking damages for 0dmg, HESH still does 600-900dmg on a non-pen hit.

              FV is OP and I’m glad it’s getting removed, at least FV4005 has litteraly 0 armor to make up for the gun.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. well, is different than arty, because you need to see your targets, you can’t shoot from the corner of the map over obstacles with absolutely no risk, and the targets can shoot you back, you have shitty gun handling, and it has shitty armor, you can shoot it above the gun, and pen it every time. i never had a problem with getting shot by a deathstar. i’m glad that i’v got it, even though i’v gone thru the
                ATs and tortoise nightmares. and i’m on road to the shit barn too ^^. i’m at conway


              2. ur joking right??

                most of the time these retarded hesh shells will do 500 damage, if ur lucky..

                compare this to arty that are safe on the red line .. and cant shoot u without any risk of return fire..


        1. I will do the same, and I have started grind the shitbar, at this moment almost Charioteer is unlocked, so will have two derp demons with one almost full 6perks crew 😀


  2. “Though the ATs never failed to get a lot of well-placed shots down-range, their fire rates were totally offset by low damage, and the notoriously huge hatches negated overall armor turning them into easy targets. To up the worthiness of these sluggish beasts, we boosted their armor and 32-pounder guns.”


    1. Id normally think the recent armor buffs to everything have been dumb and excessive, but in the case of the AT line they really do need it. Armor is literally the only schtick they have.


      1. well, my concern is more like:

        they buff the armor in a way, that AP won’t work, but APCR (or HEAT – just prem-ammo in general) will still cut through the armor like butter. so the same way as it is for most ather tanks. Maus against standard ammo? lol! Maus against prem-spam? HP-pinata … 😦


    2. Depends HOW exactly they improve armor. There should at least be one frontal weakspot, otherwise we regress back to the dichotomy of spamming code 22 and depending on whether or not that works who gets cancer from the experience. Given the choice, I’d much rather buff other aspects like mobility, view range, and gun handling instead of armor.


  3. Half-way done on the grind for the Death Star assuming I use no free xp…and I will spend money on free xp if necessary. Also, time to buy back the AMX M4 I see.


  4. Hated the British AT TD line, painful grind & lots of free xp used.

    It was worth it for the death star though one of my favourite tanks, especially now artillery no longer does big damage ap shells.

    I’m happy to try the Badger but I’ll most likely sell it.


  5. It will be interesting to see what they do with the armor- I’m conflicted. on the one hand you don’t want unbeatable tanks but on the other other hand the problem with weak spots is that once they become well known you might as well have no armor at all. The ATs are a perfect example of this.


    1. Umm… Except the AT tanks are still good and the weakspots arent always easy to hit?


      Do you want every tank to have zero weakspots and every tank to be the same?


      1. No, that’s what I mean by conflicted. When I face skilled people I can’t make headway cause that darn hatch is the first thing they see coming over a rise- but yes, making it uniformly bombproof isn’t fair either. Really I don’t have a solution.


        1. On AT 2 100mm armor on the cupola is barely a weakspot because tier 5. You can hide the weakspots on AT 8 and AT 7 around corners. AT 15 however is a nightmare because there will always stay that armor hole behind the gun mantlet.


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