Caliber (WG) – Kalashnikov Partnership

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The weapons produced by the Kalashnikov concern (part of Rostech) will be officially released for the first time in the „Caliber” online game about special forces from 1C Game Studios and Wargaming. This is reported on the Kalashnikov media website.

Models of modern rifles, machine guns and pistols which are produced by the Kalashnikov concern will be used in this game under the license of the company. The products of the concern will be in the game to the smallest detail, the rate of fire, the time of reloading and ammunition will fully coincide with the figures from the factory. Thus, “Caliber” will be the first game in which the Kalashnikov’s newest weapons will shoot in a realistic („official”) manner.

Of course, many can rightly say that models of rifles and pistols produced by the concern have long been used by video game developers, but here everything is a little different. The creators of Caliber do not just draw weapons from playing with real photographs, they are in constant contact with the designers and embodying in the model those constructive features that the gunsmiths put into their creation. “We are trying to find out from the developers that could be missed when creating the game model, as well as to learn from the armourers what they wanted to do for the fighter, and what is the main distinguishing feature of this or that element,” said media creative producer of the “Caliber” project, Albert Zhiltsov.

💬 “We closely monitor the representation of the group’s products in the digital environment. “Caliber” is one of the most impressive initiatives of the next year, and it was important for us that the product and the brand were represented correctly. To do this, we had a long chat with the developers, sharing design documentation, corrected the details before recording the shooting sounds of the real products – all to ensure maximum authenticity, ” said Vladimir Dmitriev, deputy general director for marketing of the Kalashnikov Concern.

The list of weapons used in the game, which were produced or obtained by the “Kalashnikov” concern is very impressive. At this stage, the AK-74M, AKS-74U, AKM, PKP, RPK-74, PP-19 Vityaz, PB, PM, TL, PL-15, SVD, SVD-S, GP-25 are modeled. In the near future, developers want to add the PKK-16, AK-12, Saiga, SV-98, UM-17, AMP-17 and other samples.

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  1. Nice, WG affiliates itself with the firearm maker that\’s items have killed more people than all other firearms combined.

    I approve.

    1. Not even close – no Kalashnikovs were uses in either world war and all the casualties since then are trivial in comparison. The most lethal firearm manufacturer of all time is probably Mauser. Used in both world wars, the Chinese Civil War and innumerable smaller conflicts. Other contenders are Vickers, Mosin, Enfield, and Colt.

      1. ARCNA442 in which world have you been living in? it\’s true that in both world wars there were a lot of kills, but then again the Sino-Japanese wars, that outlasted WWII, caused more deaths than the European and Pacific theathre combined, I doubt they were using majorly Mausers

        then what about after WWII? how many wars did Israel alone fight against it\’s neighboring Islamic countries? what about civil wars in both Middle-East and Africa? then there\’s the countless ethnic conflicts all around the world, especialy Southeast Asia and Africa where it\’s by the hundreads or thousands with each attack

        it just so happens that during the Cold War both sides had a SICK interest in such conflicts which led to a widespread of soviet weapons and the most commom was the AK because it was so simple even the uneducated could perform maintenance on them

        but you do not need to go back to the Cold War era to see conflicts where the AK has killed thousands, in Ukraine 10k people have died since 2014, in Syria it\’s estimated to be 400k more

        saying that casualties since WWII have been trivial is clearly a misinformed declaration, there are thousands of people dying worldwide every year, a big percentage of them shot by AK\’s, without forgeting the hundreads of thousands displaced from their lands to escape a nearly certain death sentence

      2. True it\’s not been used for a world war that took place over a 5 to 6 year period. But the action it has seen more or less daily in the middle east, Afghanistan and the Vietnam war etc. I suspect it went past the Mausers ages ago. As a majority of the WWII casualties was not due to \”small arms\” fire.

        1. The majority of casualties haven\’t been from small arms for any war since the 19th century so there is no need to single out WWII alone. The causality rates for modern wars are simply dwarfed by the amount of killing seen in the World Wars – this timeline shows war casualties by year from WWII on:

    2. well … despite the fact that probably half of the guns circuling the black market are not made directly by them but by the chinese,but yeah
      this is especially true in Africa but I think a lot of those were also found in Afghanistan and Iraq during the invasions in the early 2000\’s

    1. I dont know how you can be sure about that but welcome in the global economy.
      Oh a amarican phone.
      Let me guess made in china?
      With a camera from japan?

      1. Actually the camera may also be assembled in Thailand, since the majority of Japanese camera makers had moved their lines to Thailand already.

    2. First of all, that is not a suppressor, but a muzzle break. Also, these kind of quad-rail handguards are common even in Russia legal agency and armed force, and there are Russian companies making those things as well. Picatinny rails are just something so universal, to the degree that you don\’t want to develop your own just for the stupid nation pride.

  2. Russians sell weapons to anybody with cash, they don\’t judge you. Not like us Americans with all our freedom and democracy

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