Vote for WoT at 2017 Golden Joystick Awards

World of Tanks is nominated this year for the prestigious Golden Joystick. Its category: “Still Playing” – here are nominated projects that have long been released, but are still popular with millions of people playing. Recall that WoT already has 2 golden joysticks, made in 2012 and 2013. We expect XP bonuses in case WoT recieves the award.

„Since 2013, when we got our second “Golden Joystick”, a lot has changed. Since then, you’ve helped us make World of Tanks much better. The matchmaking, hardware changes and other large-scale improvements, new interfaces and modes that we have already released and we are still working on are all for you, our players. You, in turn, sacrifice your time, show patience and enthusiasm in order to bring something of value to World of Tanks. Many thanks to you for this! World of Tanks is your game, and we hope that it makes your life brighter.

Therefore, the Golden Joystick nomination is as much your merit as ours. We could not achieve this without you. Let’s work together again and help the game get a bonus. Let the whole world know that, having united, millions of tankmen can achieve a triumph! Together to victory! ”

You can vote and support your favorite game here:

Among the nominees of this category:

● Diablo III
● EVE Online
● FIFA 17
● Final Fantasy XIV
● Hearthstone
● Minecraft
● Overwatch
● Pokemon GO
● Rocket League
● The Elder Scrolls Online
● World of Tanks