Vote for WoT at 2017 Golden Joystick Awards

World of Tanks is nominated this year for the prestigious Golden Joystick. Its category: “Still Playing” – here are nominated projects that have long been released, but are still popular with millions of people playing. Recall that WoT already has 2 golden joysticks, made in 2012 and 2013. We expect XP bonuses in case WoT recieves the award.

„Since 2013, when we got our second “Golden Joystick”, a lot has changed. Since then, you’ve helped us make World of Tanks much better. The matchmaking, hardware changes and other large-scale improvements, new interfaces and modes that we have already released and we are still working on are all for you, our players. You, in turn, sacrifice your time, show patience and enthusiasm in order to bring something of value to World of Tanks. Many thanks to you for this! World of Tanks is your game, and we hope that it makes your life brighter.

Therefore, the Golden Joystick nomination is as much your merit as ours. We could not achieve this without you. Let’s work together again and help the game get a bonus. Let the whole world know that, having united, millions of tankmen can achieve a triumph! Together to victory! ”

You can vote and support your favorite game here:

Among the nominees of this category:

● Diablo III
● EVE Online
● FIFA 17
● Final Fantasy XIV
● Hearthstone
● Minecraft
● Overwatch
● Pokemon GO
● Rocket League
● The Elder Scrolls Online
● World of Tanks


32 thoughts on “Vote for WoT at 2017 Golden Joystick Awards

  1. Just asking …. how they are going to defeat Overwatch and Final Fantasy ?? I mean they have a long list of porn and hentai backing them up…… so its gonna be hard to defeat them


    1. You got girls und panzer and kantai collection hentai too if we go by that argument. Here it’s about the size of the fanbase and how well the devs manage to make the players vote.


      1. “…it’s about the size of the fanbase,,,” LOL
        WOT does not have fanbase. WOT has only haters! Haters that play it almost every day…


  2. “Since then, you’ve helped us make World of Tanks much better.”

    Mmm hmm WG. Sure. Like they did with sandbox. Remember how they effectively nerfed most existing light tanks when they wanted to bring in the tier 9 and 10 lights? Your old T37, T71, Bulldoge, amx 13-90, t54 lwt? These new tier 9 & 10 light tanks actually looked promising on Sandbox and players’ opinions were generally good. But no, WG came up with bullsh*t reasons to nerf them when these were in public test. So we ended up with nerfed light tanks and meh tier 10 lights. Only the chinese tier 10 LT was worth a damn. Even Quickbaby pissed all over WG for that one. In one move, WG invalidated the entire Sandbox process (you know, listening to the players an all that) and pissed that away.

    This was also the year where Type 5 got changed to a gold spam tenk. Premium tanks were added which still are much, much better than regular tanks. The way I look at it, pay2win was never as strong in WoT as it was since this year.

    Whats left to say… Oh yes! This is also the year where major community contributers lost their status. SirFoch raged too hard about the direction WG was headed regarding pay2win premiums, that he lost his CC status. Jingles simply quit as a CC. He still does WoT content, but features alot of other games nowadays.

    My own activity as a tanks player has never been this low since I started in 2011, during the closed beta days.


  3. Not this time WG, not this time…

    I voted for them the 1st time. And yes, it WAS because of the bribe (1 day premium, was it?)

    But back then I also kind of hoped they will eventually turn WoT into a really good game, as it DOES have potential.

    But NO, instead they took all the bad things about the game (pay to win, grindiness, stupid, annoying MM, broken OP tanks) and made it all MUCH worse.

    FU WG. If I vote, I`ll vote for something else (as said above, EVE is a good game, for example).
    This time even a bribe won`t work.


  4. OP Prems, not all tenks in HD since 1945, no new Maps for PC since 29.000 B.C., 25% RNG, Goldspamm still ingame, no reworked Perk-system,… the list is long enough to NOT vote for WoT.

    Voted for Diablo & PUBG. 🙂

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  5. I voted for WOT and for Hellblade mostly. Even if some feel wot is selling and doing wrong, I really enjoy playing with my ts3 friends(even if we loose).


    1. TAP isnt really just a WoT newsfeed anymore m8. While you may still like WoT, which is fine, others cant believe WoT is even being put up for this award.


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