World of Warplanes 2.0: The New Beginning

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Greetings, Pilots!

We kept silent for a long time while preparing for the release of World of Warplanes 2.0. Finally, the global game update—the largest since the game’s release—went live, and now you can evaluate the result of many months of the team’s hard work.

You can learn about all the new features on the game’s website or simply by logging into the game client and playing a few battles. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the “Special Project” event that offers a rare opportunity to get the first three bombers in World of Warplanes for active involvement in battles! Meanwhile, we will tell you what lies ahead for World of Warplanes.

Before the update was released, we conducted several series of different tests, including the Public Test for players in the RU, EU, and NA regions. Based on the test results, we defined several main suggestions that you made and that will be addressed in the upcoming updates.

For example, we plan to add the options for enabling an attitude indicator, altimeter, and airspeed indicator that will display dangerous and critical altitude and speed ranges back into the game settings. These options will be disabled by default, but players who got used to them will be able to restore them in their battle interface. Also by popular request from players, the option to manually control flaps will be restored.

Besides this, we will additionally adjust the control system to make aircraft more responsive and their behavior in maneuvers smoother and more predictable.

Another feature that is planned to make a return in one of the upcoming patches is aircraft anniversary celebrations. For players who missed their aircraft anniversaries because the option was inactive through our fault, we will consider the possibility of celebrating them after the feature is brought back to the game.

We will restore the option for recording and playing battle replays as soon as possible.

Needless to say, a new surprise has been prepared for the fourth WoWP anniversary—stay tuned! We’ll announce it in the coming weeks. The next global event is planned for the New Year, and it is guaranteed to entertain you during the holidays.

In addition to the improvements planned for the nearest future, we have already determined the long-term game development directions. For example, the two upcoming major updates will include features that will help new players get the hang of the game and new game modes for veteran players.

The new game mode and mechanics, on which it is based, make World of Warplanes 2.0 similar to a construction kit: it is adaptable and modular. The game developers now have numerous tools to set, combine, and adjust these mechanics for different purposes. In view of this, the introductory tutorial for new players will be much more interesting and useful than the tutorial in the previous game versions. For instance, we thought about developing a PvE campaign as an introductory game mode (no promises, but we are seriously considering this functionality).

For skilled pilots, we plan to implement special game modes, based on which we can hold tournaments and themed activities. These modes can be a combination of PvE and PvP (e.g., escorting a bomber Flight) as well as PvP only fights with a limited number of respawns. These modes will feature unique awards. Currently, these (and some other) awards are at the stage of prototyping.

Of course, we won’t forget the aircraft: their number will be increased with researchable bomber branches. These branches will include both rare models and legendary aircraft (well-known thanks to chronicles and fiction movies), some of which will be equipped with numerous rear guns. For example, the first branch will consist of German twin-engine medium bombers, including the Junkers Ju 88A, a famous veteran of the Battle of Britain and other Third Reich campaigns. Among the future researchable bombers, you will see the legendary Pe-2. Later, the game will introduce aircraft that many of you think of when you hear just the word “bomber”—the heavy four-engine B-17 Flying Fortresses.


8 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0: The New Beginning

    1. I call BS on that. It’s just a bunch of seal clubbers who got their clubs taken away from them. Literally everyone who came back with 2.0 is satisfied with the changes including top streamers like Flamu, Jingles and Noster. WoWp 2.0 is a success.


      1. Only time will tell if it’s a success. Give it a few months and we’ll discuss success. If server population will continue to grow after the winter season, you’ll be able to say it’s a successful game.


        1. successful doesnt always mean good game population aslong as your having fun playing the game is successful, cause thats the whole point of games is having fun if you arnt well… need to find a new game or go do something elce.


      2. The only people that seem to like it on the forums are the people who either suck or the people that have been there many years but have less than 500 battles. It’s way too arcadey, the respawn is dumb, they changed the flight mechanics yet again, the planes so far have seemed to lose their characteristics and became too generic. They give too many medals for the participation generation. The excitement of dogfighting is gone. Even when I do the most on my team the win is hollow, even more so than 1.9. I can barely contribute to the game and win, and even feel less excitement. They watered it down for the crappy players that refused to learn the game.
        Ever since beta and subsequent patches, the population has been trending down. When I first started, the population was higher in the first few minutes after server reset was finished compared to the current population during prime time.
        Every time we wonderPersha can make the game worse they say “Hold my beer” and prove that they can somehow make it worse. They finally drove me away. Oh, and before you scream seal clubber, I flew mostly t8-10 and my average tier before the 2.0 stats wipe was 8.2.


  1. Sorry to say 2.0 sucks the only thing we repeatedly asked for was WG sponsored clan wars and competition’s instead we get this visually busy but empty dreck

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