Update 9.20.1: Matchmaker Improvements

Source: Portal

Have you ever played Himmelsdorf against a team that has more heavies than you? Or perhaps, you’ve watched victory slip from your fingers on an open map simply because the other camp was lucky enough to have more medium tanks in their ranks. Update 9.20.1 clamps down on these frustrating scenarios by adding an extra parameter to the matchmaker: vehicle combat roles. Simply put, we taught the matchmaker to see the difference between the Maus and IS-7, for example. Now, it balances them separately. To create two evenly assembled teams, it would place the former against other heavily armoured tanks (the E-100, Type 5 HEAVY, etc.), while the IS-7 gets to face the likes of the Т110Е5 and FV215b. Let’s take a closer look!

How does it work?

Along with balancing teams by vehicle classes (artillery, light tanks, and tank destroyers) and Platoons, the matchmaker now looks into the intended roles each tank plays in combat and ensures each side has a similar number of vehicles that play the same role. Of course, their exact number might differ, but this difference is one vehicle at the most.

NOTE: If you need a refresher on how the matchmaker works, head here.

Essentially, the newly-added parameter balances out the number of autoloaders, well-protected TDs, and assault heavy tanks across teams. By distributing them evenly between the two camps, the improved matchmaker addresses another frequent concern of yours. Medium and heavy tanks are no longer distributed randomly. With classes split into smaller groups that unite vehicles with a district play style, medium tanks with a certain role are pitted against each other. The same with heavies. So you can forget about one-sided matchups with, let’s say, five Bat.-Chats duking it out with five Mauses on Steppes.

We put in extra effort to make sure balancing by a vehicle’s role does not affect the overall speed of matching. So worry not, the wait time won’t change. What should improve is the overall quality of matches as vehicle roles lower the chance of a team gaining the upper hand through sheer luck. At the same time, team setups aren’t mirrored, so every battle is a unique experience where the final outcome depends largely on tactics and teamplay.

Finally, the matchmaker tries to ensure teams are evenly assembled regarding the number of Platoon players and their vehicle tiers—its primary goal. However, it currently doesn’t balance Platoon vehicles by roles. Instead, it evens out the matchups by adding standalone vehicles to teams—if the current queue composition allows for it with no increase in the wait time. For example, if a team has a Platoon of autoloader medium tanks, the matchmaker places it against a Platoon of medium tanks. Then, it tries to add standalone autoloader tanks to the other team to even out their chances at victory. If there are no autoloaders in the queue, it will create a battle to avoid longer wait times.

Vehicle Roles

If you look at the way light tanks and arty fight, there’s no immediate value in breaking these two classes into smaller packs grouped around a certain role. Light tank gameplay is built around scouting, and that’s the role they all share, regardless of whether they remain completely still to spot enemies or zoom around the map. A particular set of LTs won’t make the enemy team superior to yours as long as both of you have them in similar numbers, and the matchmakers ensure you do. It’s the same story with SPGs: they all play as long-range support vehicles.

TDs, medium and heavy tanks are a whole other story. Let’s take medium tanks with powerful guns and moderate armour, for example. These are designated support vehicles. Their peers, with strong protection but average mobility and firepower perform best in an attack role. There’s a whole bunch of medium tanks sporting autoloader guns, and they can dismantle an enemy in no time. Finally, others perform equally well in more than one role, which makes them fairly universal.

Having analysed the key parameters and combat performance of TDs, medium and heavy tanks, we outlined primary roles for each class at Tiers VIII–X. The structure you see below is not final. We want to hear your thoughts on the classification and criteria we put at its core (armour, firepower, and mobility). Following your feedback, we might revise it and consider introducing roles for mid to lower tiers.

But Wait, There’s More

Improvements to the matchmaker don’t end with the introduction of vehicle roles. Along with adding them, we addressed some of your most vocal requests:

  • Better chances of getting ranked at the top of the list for Platoon players: Initially, their chances of playing at the top were reduced to avoid upsetting scenarios with Platoons singlehandedly deciding the battle outcome. In direct response to community feedback, we’re raising them slightly so that you and your Platoon mates can fight at higher tiers once in a while. This won’t cause any drastic changes to the state of Random Battles, but offers a more varied experience to Platoon players.
  • Equal chances of getting ranked in the top/middle/bottom of the list for different vehicle classes: You might have noticed that heavy and medium tanks would end up in single-level battles way too often, while arty and TDs tended to get ±2 and ±1 setups. We tweaked the matchmaker, evening out the odd for all vehicle classes.
  • Optimized team assembly logic: After some extra tuning, you’ll see more 3/5/7 and 5/10 teams, which should provide for a more enjoyable experience.
  • More Grand Battles: We increased the chance of getting matched in a Grand Battle, so that more players could playtest the new format.

71 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Matchmaker Improvements

  1. They should just get rid of the 3/5/7 format. It is fundamentally flawed. And I believe it is fairly obvious, too. How WG can’t see it is beyond me. But that’s a story for another day.

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    1. What exactly is flawed about 3-5-7? Its obviously better than what we had before. Can you come up with a better solution?


      1. What is flawed? Well, first of all, I’ve had a number of games where one side has the only one or two top-tier players that are even remotely competent. In at least one case, this meant that a buddy and me finished a game in about 3 minutes with both of us doing 4-5k dmg while no one on the enemy team managed 2k. In other words, the small number of top tier tanks per team means that only one team has any real chance to have a top tier, unicum-level player. You see how that might be unbalanced? The result is that the other team’s bottom tiers have to struggle to do anything in the minute or two before they get roflstomped by a skilled player in a tank that is objectively better in every way. On top of that, the small number of top tier tanks means you will almost never be top tier. Especially at tier 8, which is where wg’s economy revolves around.


        1. The game should not need to account for better players and them getting top tier. It’s about balancing the tanks. No reason to punish us Unicums


          1. > No reason to punish us Unicums

            But unicums punish everyone else when the red team has one or more and the green team has none (or less than the red team). Also, balancing the tanks would not solve everything, unicums would still punish everyone else anyway. But that’s fine… ?


            1. of course its fine. people spend time to get good and they should get punished for that??? while the retards that cant get to blue lvl of stats at least as everything below is shit should be praised? lol no. plebs should not have a word to say about balance as they cant even understand the game


          2. How would taking away template mm punish unicums? It would make them more likely to be top tier the same as it does everyone else. It would just make tier 10 less useful for padding stats.


            1. Taking the template away wouldn’t punish them. Specifically adjusting it so that they are only matched against an equal-stat opponent will. There’s no point in trying to achieve higher marks if the game is going to go out of its way just to pit you against a harder enemy.

              If the enemy team has a skilled top tier player and your team has a shitty top tier player, that’s just bad fucking luck. This is in no way different than the MM format we had before.


              1. If that happened once here and there, fine. But it happens all the freaking time. I have a shït ton of screenshots showing kindergarten vs professionals.

                Unicorns don’t give a flying shït about the game itself, just their stats.
                They don’t play anything but the best and usually play tier tier.

                Is it unfair to play vs people good enough to face you?
                Is it fair for a less skilled player to get raped over and over again vs a no lifer sitting in a ridge hull down, max camo, wiew range, premium ammo and mobility to run if someone actually sees them..

                Players like this fucking suck. Can’t brawl for shït and pretend other players don’t know how to play.

                These kind of nolifers ruins the game.
                I honestly think “probably a pussy” whenever I see a unicorn these days. And I’m usually right.

                Frame your stats, walk upstairs and show momy. She might pretend to care, while the rest of us role our eyes.

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                1. Hell yes, I agree 100% with this! That’s all I see these guys doing, and what makes it worst is they are still mountain goating in those tanks!!! And every time I look it’s a damn Unicum from big clan sniping heat where no one can see him… Exploiting the map!! Unicums are killing the game !!


                  1. Another reason why XVM needs to be banned or only allow an XVM that shows your own team’s stats and not the other team.

                    XVM stats and WN are CANCER and they need to be removed.


                    1. Let us not forget, that Wargaming removed those spots last patch. And unicums want XVM removed only so they cannot be “focused is their primary objective. They will continue to do those things no matter what. It’s an exploit plain and simple. Exploit is not the same as skill. The two teams I have still observed doing this are RUS and OTTER. That’s padding and seal clubbing and exploiting. WG is allowing this to happen. I can solve the problem, “Mountain goat in a single spot for longer than 10 seconds and your tank explodes !! Just like War Thunder does. You’ll it will be very effective in breaking up mountain goating very quickly !!! I’ll put end to mountain goating in no time!


                2. Well.. The people to blame there are WG’s devs, as they are responsible of the unbalance, abuseable mechanics, matchmaker and goldammos. Players get everything they can in a competitive game, not only the best spam gold in OP tanks.
                  At least they learned. 20k 45% bots aren’t better when top Tier, as they severely drag their team down.. And they are much more numerous than uniscums.


              2. I never said anything about matching people up based on stats. My problem is just that when you have such a small sample, you’re far more likely to end up with extremely unbalanced teams. The game would reward skill much more if it increased the focus on +/-1 mm, so that you had a reasonable chance of overcoming every tank you saw through your own skill; and possibly added a 5/5/5 template if we insist on the +/-2 tier spread, which would increase the sample size of top tier tanks (thereby somewhat increasing the likelihood that the skill level of the top tiers would be somewhat balanced, and resulting in somewhat fewer one-sided stomps), increase the HP pool available (and therefore rewards from doing well), and decrease the immense likelihood of being bottom tier that currently plagues the game.

                Also, if you’re actually that concerned about your stats, why not just go pad in the type 64? I know very few legitimately good players who consider stats to be important for anything beyond tracking their own performance and improvement. Making the game more challenging is why they choose to play competitively and play higher tiers, instead of just pubstomping in Cromwell Bs and Type 64s. So what kind of argument is it to complain about attempting to balance the skill distribution?


          3. You think it’s punishment to face balanced players?

            I rather face a noob in a Maus, than a unicorn in a 110.

            Playing the same game everyday without a challenge is beyond lame. Stomping noobs year after year and usually cry and rage.
            What ever life these morons have, It must be fucking pathetic!


      2. Do some basic math. If you throw in 15 tanks of each tier every MM-iteration you will get 3/5/7 matches spread evenly across the tiers which results in 3/15 tanks of one tier being toptier, 5/15 being middle tier and 7/15 being bottom tier. So if you happen to be in the queue at any moment it reduces your chance to be toptier to 20% while your chances for midtier are 33.3% and 47.66% for bottom tiers. (With the overflow of tier 9s and 10s getting put into single and two-tier games.) Sounds fun and balanced right?

        Furthermore there are more tanks in queue on tier 8 than tier 10 so the MM finds near ideal conditions for 3/5/7 matches from tier 8-10 all day long.

        For every 6 people the MM makes happy in a toptier position the MM annoys 14 people in a bottomtier position and leaves 10 people with a “meh” on their face.

        My solution: For every 3/5/7 match let there be a 7/5/3 match so it equals out over a large number of games played. Also allow matchups between those two cases, allow even more extreme cases as well like 4/5/6 and 6/5/4 or even 2/3/10 and 10/3/2. Cases were you fight against a large amount of higher tier tanks will be rare and barely noticeable.
        As for Limited MM tanks such as the KV-5, don’t allow them in games where there are no lower tier tanks involved since they usually are balanced around their tier -0.5 tiers.

        Obviously I am not an expert on this and my solution isnt flawless but I believe its defenitly better than what we currently have. A dedicated team at Wargaming should easily be able find a better solution.

        As for your statement “Its obviously better than what we had before” I have to disagree for most part. The only good things the new MM brought was better map rotation and arty cap to 3/team. Other than that it is so much more boring and repetitive.

        TLDR: No tldr here, read the whole thing. Heckin bamboozled again.


        1. “My solution: For every 3/5/7 match let there be a 7/5/3 match ”

          Hell no, 7/5/3 matches used to actually be a think and they were absolutely fucking miserable. It would make tier 6 and 7 tanks completely unplayable, especially with the new wave of overpowered premiums.


          1. You actually have a point there. The new wave of premiums break the MM. It is a mess that is impossible to find a solution to after WG screwed it up so badly since they refuse to nerf the new OP premiums.

            I doubt that it would make tier 6 and 7 completely unplayable though simply because of the fact that for a 7/5/3 match you only need 6 bottom tier tanks but 14 high tier tanks. The amount of times you will get in a bottomtier match like this will be neglectably small compared to the times you will sit on top of such a matchup. (Of course, in a small testsample RNG can fuck you over but that is just the way RNG works, a monkey pressing random buttons on a keyboard will eventually write a shakespear novel.)

            Also the 3/5/7 puts way too much power in the hands of the toptier tanks. Especially if they are heavily armored. And in a platoon. And if they are on the enemy team and on your team the toptiers die early, are afk or just much worse players than the enemies it’s already gg go to garage (unless of course you are some kind of superunicum that carries every match with 4k dmg which 99.9% of the playerbase aren’t).


    2. I always laugh about these kind of statements… “It is fundamentally flawed”, but you can’t even write down 1 sentence that explains WHY 😀 😀 😀
      IMHO 3/5/7 works very well, it’s the second best step after removing +/- 2 MM.


      1. It’s fundamentally flawed if you’re not tier 9/10. Everything else is cascaded down, taking ‘few’ high tiers and cramming more lower tiers beneath it.

        The obvious problem is: If you’re bottom tier, you not only have to contend with 7 equal tier foes, but 8 foes that outclass you.,

        And given the likely hood you’ll be bottom tier more often then it means you’re grind got is harder: Less damage, fewer big games, less influence in the game. The new MM is bad for pretty much everyone who ends up being part of the ‘7’.


        1. “The obvious problem is: If you’re bottom tier, you not only have to contend with 7 equal tier foes, but 8 foes that outclass you.,”

          In what universe is that worse than when you only had 1 or 2 equal tier foes and 13+ that outclassed you?


          1. Perhaps in the universe where this (https://i.imgur.com/H9T1N1B.jpg) happens.

            More top tiers would mean that they’d have a better chance of having tier 10s that weren’t irredeemably bad at the game. Which might have actually meant the enemy team lasted long enough to get some damage in.


            1. Are you under the impression that 15-0 wipes didn’t happen before the 3/5/7 format?

              Bad blowouts have been a regular part of this game for years now ever since the maps have been tightened up and the meta has focused on CQC knife fights and city brawls rather than sniping. The 3/5/7 format is probably the single least important factor as far as bad team blowouts go.

              The screenshot you showed me was the result of an enemy team that was dogshit. Your team having a better tier 10 player does not, in any way, excuse the enemy team from completely failing to take out even a single bottom tier tank on your team.


              1. How on earth were they supposed to kill any bottom tier tanks when the tier 10s just drove forward and killed everything unopposed? I count 7 tier 8 tanks, on either team, that did damage. Two of those 7 were artillery. It’s far too easy to dominate the game from top tier now, and far too common to be bottom tier and left at the mercy of mm as to whether or not your top tier tanks are outclassed by the opponent.


      2. Anyone think 2/4/9 is going to far? At top tier it would create more of a chance to see an all tier 10 game. Also looking at the gap between 5 and 7 (and 8 and 10) it would create the chance to overwhelm the enemy and (hopefully) develop more of a team based atmosphere where a bunch of -2 tier tanks would figure out how to rush that top tier tank.


    3. There is nothing wrong with that ONE template it self, as we have THREE templates (15full/10-5/7-5-3) the MM can choose from. Each template has a given priority.

      In 9.19.1, WG changed the priority of 3-5-7, so that it would occur much more! Because, in their POV tier 10 had too many single tier battles. Thus they changed the priority in the MM so that it used 3-5-7 much more.

      So, change the template priorities, LOWER 3-5-7 template priority by how it was on first release and a lot of issues will vanish.

      Most folks liked the new template MM when it was first released on EU. 9.19.1 change changed it and fucked it up, so simple change it back.

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    1. Track enemy tanks, T them for your allies to see, and keep that enemy suppressed. Let your higher tier allies or allies in a better position do the damage, you make the credits for damage assistance.

      This is how it’s always been, but people keep getting spoon fed by WG’s balancing and players soon forget that you can press the A and D key and it’s not cheating.


  2. Single-level battles too often? I have to play against my own tier too often, said absolutely no one ever. The more battles that are either single tier or 5/10, the better. Use 3/5/7 only when +/-2 tier MM is absolutely unavoidable.

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    1. “I have to play against my own tier too often”, as a KV-5 player this represents my view. Only tier 8-9 matches are worse. KV-5 is tier 7.5 and in single tier games it sometimes has to fight against Obj 252s and Chrysler Ks that are tier 8.5 at least… not a single tier game after all I guess…


  3. That leaves skill. It’s what decides most battles in random. Very seldom your own, but that of the other 29 players, and more important the unbalanced distribution of that skill between teams.


    1. Let’s not forget that WG Balancing Mechanic “RNG Algorithm” as it is what creates the <5 minute, 15-5 result battles.

      Most of the time the RNG Algorithm has more of a say on the outcome of the battle than the players' skills. Because if a 10k PR player isn't allowed to hit or pen an enemy it doesn't matter that he/she has 10k PR because the RNG Algorithm says "you're not winning this one."


  4. I didnt think I would ever say this: We need SerB and Storm. WG devs nowadays got no ambitions anymore and let “public opinion” dictate their actions – meaning: Only those who whine the loudest get heard and this. (Kinda disregarding 3-5-7-mm that noone ever asked for.)

    Remember the days when forums were full of whiny people complaining about the matchmaker because “predetermined losses”. Instead of taking on statistical outliers as challenges that made the game interesting people cried for the worst kind of skill-mm that only punishes playing good by getting teamed up with bad players. Guess what they got the rightful response: You should learn some basics about statistics before crying on the forums about a matter you clearly do not grasp.

    Now those crybabies are actually developing the game.


    1. I don’t like to win 15:2 in 3.5 minutes, just because the retarded MM puts me on Himmelsdorf in a Maus, seeing two other T110E5 and E100 platoons in my team and on theirs nice little Leopards, AMX 30Bs, a single maus, a single IS7 and some nice little Panther 8.8 and stuff. Just N-KEY rollover and auto win.

      I really like the idea of even teams (I mean tank-wise, not Skill-MM) and that the bots and tomatos get outplayed and losing their *cry*-you-win-because-of-your-tanks-mimimimi-*cry*. Now, the REAL outplaying begins. And especially with even distributed tank classes, the real skill will shine. My 2 cents.


  5. Seems like i have died and awaken in a parallel universe, where WG suddenly adresses the most important parts. WOW! So sad I had to live so long in the other shitty universe.



  6. *claps slowly*

    I like what they are smoking over there in Minsk. It’s bringing them to such blissful state of being, transcending their consciousnesses to whole new reality all together!

    On a serious note.
    Mediums and heavies ending up too many times in single tier matches?!! Can you tell us, in which reality was this happening? One substituted by your own?

    How are these tweaks ever going to address issue with the change in priority the 3/5/7 template has been given in 9.19.1?!?
    That single change, has totally fucked up their whole “improved” template based matchmaker beyond believe!

    And I can see no other way of fixing this template based MM system, than to revert back to a state where 3/5/7 template has a much lower priority in occurring!
    Either or, implementing an active MM monitoring & management system, that monitors how many bottom/mid/top tier games a players has had and manages the player placement vs each template occurrence.


    1. They want even fix Tier 8.. They don’t fucking care! Their greedy, arrogant, incompotent, and when they kill this game, off they’ll have nothing after this! Devs will be looking for jobs, but victor and serb and others are stashing money for retirement homes other places…. Plain and simple. The Banks will come after what’s left


    1. yes – and the sole reason is also the MM and the 3-5-7-template. I read (and write) in EU forum a lot and I almost NEVER stumbeled upon posters whining about onetiered battles – and there a LOT of cry-posts on MM.

      3-5-7 sounds nice in theory. even if you are lowtier, you have at least 7 enemies at teh same tier and another 5 only tier higher. so far for theory. in random and the ususal corridor maps you have almost in every corridor one of the three hightiers and it is dominating there totally. lower tiers will mostly stay behind their own top tier and support him and so you have only two choices:
      a) do the exact same with YOUR hightier (and pray he knows what he does)
      b) push against the enemy high tier and pray you get at least a little support from your own team while you waste your tank (most times).

      result: stupid boring gameplay until lategame where you have more space to maneuver on the maps.

      verdict: keep using 3-5-7, but as other said not on top priority. 5-10 is fine mostly and onetiered battles are mostly balanced, except broken tanks like Defender that cannot be harmed frontally by other tier 8 tanks without prem ammo (and even than have good chances of bouncing). but SerB behave they would start balancing those abominations! 😦


  7. Right… So not one damn word do I see up there about fixing TIER 8. REALLY? What the hell is wrong with Victor? You Tube is Splattered with videos about how badly TIER 8 is about a broken TIER 8 Match Maker and not one Goddamn word about it !! Cheap bastards want to sell Tier 8 premium tanks, and fix shit where you can make a fucking dime! What a fucking fraud Wargaming, Victor why don’t just go into the Damn Banking business, resign, step aside for a real CEO/Devloper who cares about the game and the player base, and cut the shit now?

    Just stop lying, and bullshitting everyone here like they were kids, or idiots. NOTE: Your GB Grand Battles don’t work !! And you’re killing off the NA, get a fucking clue man !! 😦


  8. The current matchmaking is better than the old. The coming matchmaking next patch will be better than this patch. So an improvement and that is good.

    No more 3/5/7 though. If they only have same tier or 5/10, I will finally be satisfied with the MatchMaking


    1. The old MM was a dungeon, this one is screwed up also! I don’t either one of them!

      And there’s no point in Tier 8 Match Maker being broken On Pourpose!! Wargaming has done this deliberately!! There’s no question what’s going on here, their matching Tier 8 against Tier X more so the cannot make silver to drive people to the credit shop.
      See here : https://youtu.be/jrBk-NcutFE

      Snuff said by watching this. Wake up WG and community.


      1. I don’t argue the numbers, but the credit gain,…
        ofc it is hard to farm credits if you drive with 1/3 gold loadout and 2 premium consumables.

        Because honestly, do you realy need gold to snipe top tier tanks that are not engaging you?


  9. So basically its the combat roles that were tested in the very first Sandbox test, when was it, a year ago?

    Better late then never I suppose. Now if they can just improve the economy


  10. “We increased the chance of getting matched in a Grand Battle, so that more players could playtest the new format.”

    You can make it 100 % chances of being played, if we disabled it we won’t play in it anyway. And anyone in their right mind (or without the money required to afford 30v30 battles at tier X…) would disable it.
    However they are helpful for personnal missions I’ll give you that. HT-15-4 was the easiest mission I did in a long time.


    1. @ SpeedyCraft exactly, see that’s what their doing they want every one to throw all of the money away grinding tier X battles for this !!! Then when you’re out of money! You’ll go to TIER 8 to try thier, then you’ll use gold and get blown way as Cannon Fodder!” By tier X’s! Then you’ll not make any silver ( which is why you bought the tanks to begin with !). Next, everyone runs to the Premium shop to buy silver. It’s called, “ Greedy Wargaming “ and greedy Victor Kisyli !!” Diabolical, unethical, and downright good way to kill a video game !!”

      (GB) Grand Battles = Grand Massive Scam Scheme.


  11. Its nonsense, with different own team and enemy team you had at least play diferently and use mobility or other aspects to outplay other team. With over 60% winrate lately i really cannot complain


      1. maybe just get good. i do it playing only alone as i dont want unicums to steal my dmg. maybe all of you low life players should stop whinning and learn how to play this game it aint hard really no need to be a no-life just having half a brain is enough


    1. You got that right, and tier 8 is terrible enough now as it is, and especially preferred MM tier 8 vehicles. I have a lot of them and I can tell you, their all hurting right now. Darn it WG come on man, is it really all that hard?

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      1. The main issue isn’t the limited MM but the fact that it will be matched against superheavies, the Defender and all the other heavily armoured heavies while it’s got an obvious weakspot, got shit pen even with APCR and the gun’s accuracy won’t help hitting the weakspots on those vehicles.


  12. I’ve seen 5 Grand Battles. And I’ve been playing lots o tier X to do missions before next patch. Either everyone has it off, or the 10% is way to little. So increasing it would be welcome. As I did enjoy the 5 games I had.


  13. “To create two evenly assembled teams, it would place the former against other heavily armoured tanks (the E-100, Type 5 HEAVY, etc.), while the IS-7 gets to face the likes of the Т110Е5 and FV215b. Let’s take a closer look!”

    Wth? So the Is7 gets to meet tanks it easily beats, while the E100 and Maus gets to meet People that spam derp HE that always does damage?

    Where is the reasoning behind that? Are they trying to tell us that the IS7 is a worse tank and can’t compete with the superheavies despite having the most easymode armor of the bunch? sure the Type 5 is an armored beast and so is the Maus when angled, but the IS7 isn’t bad because it doesn’t have the same armorvalues.


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