FV215b 9.20.1 Test Armor Model Changes

New model is the one which costs 5 gold.

Screens by TurkarTV


16 thoughts on “FV215b 9.20.1 Test Armor Model Changes

    1. No it’s just an internal placeholder. I guess that all tanks, including special ones, must have a value either in golds or credits.


    2. It sets the selling price at 1000 credits. There is no way to buy it, you either get it for free in this patch or wait for it to be a reward for CW or something.


  1. Well, I really hoped for the same treatment to the turretring weak spot and side armor they do to the Caravan and Conq but at least I get a weaker mantlet with bigger hole behind like the Conq.
    WG really love Brits.


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