WoWS: French BBs Sneak Peek

Bretagne, Normandie confirmed, and Richelieu.

The video is in French. Seems they are not coming in 2017.

Screencaps made by Vaexa:




More Bretagne:

More Richelieu:

More Normandie:

Yet more Richelieu:


31 thoughts on “WoWS: French BBs Sneak Peek

  1. Wait what you mean not in 2017? Did they say it in the video?
    I bet that beacose of this the italian tree will come in spring 2019 instead of late 2018


    1. The deep water trops are alone making the pan asia tree come slower themselfs. So yes they are reskinned but they want to make them come slower just beacose of these useless deep water torps


      1. You do realize that the people that deal with the balance don’t affect the people that make the models right?

        And it doesn’t take a full team to balance torpedoes. Your comments are just ignorance at this point

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        1. yes it dosent, but it effects the release time
          They cant make an update wuth both french bbs and pan asian dds, and the pan asia clone dds being the ones that 95% of the playerbase didnt want and that the torpedoes are making the release times slower,they are making every other line come slower.
          Or i have to write again?
          Beacose you dont seem to get the point
          Every year there is 4 new lines, but beacacose of these freaking pan asia dds (that literally no one ever asked for, literally no one) they are making the 4th line come in 2018,meaning that the most anticipated line as of now (aka italian cruisers) will have to be postponed to around march 2019
          Its disgousting really, just disgousting


          1. Fun fact: nothings stopping them releasing more then one branch in a single patch.

            Putting the blame all on the panasia destroyers is, as I said, ignorance. You clearly have no idea what needs to be put into it so I suggest you stop talking.

            They first need to research all the ships and find blue prints. Blue prints let them model the ship faster then going off an photo and thats faster then making up an artist impression if neither is available. After that begins modeling: the bigger the ship, the more modeling is required. Once modeling is done it goes to get the stats put in.

            3 primary teams: research, modeling and balance

            Some people in the balance team will be working on the Panasia DDs, some will be working on changes to existing ships while others will be working on some of the Fench BBs

            The modelers will be working on the French BBs

            The researchers will be gathering data on the next ships for the game.

            Game development is a constent flow with the previous group working on the next part so that development is swift.

            Saying that a handful of people working on balance for the Panasia torpedoes is holding back everything else is ignorance at its finest

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            1. DeadArashi, good post! Thumbs up from me.
              MemeMachine, if you can help WG with blueprints etc…. I am sure they would be happy. Can you?


          2. Also I would suggest that, if English isn’t your native language, to stick to your native language… because what’s really disgusting is how you just butchered the English language


            1. “Nothing is stopping them”
              The why is the post saying that the tree is gonna come in 2018?
              Also its since like october 2015 that they dindt release 2 lines in 1 patch, who says exactly that for this occasion they will make a 2 line patch?
              Also “blaming the pan asia line for everything” oh boy what horror!
              Not wanting a tree that 95% of the playerbase dosent want and that would take anything instead of it.
              WHAT HORROR
              “Late 2032”
              “Man MemeMachine why do you blame the argentianian carrier tree for everything? Its only been 17 years since release and you already want the italian line? Man just have some patience you patriotic keabord warrior!”


            2. Hold the phone there.

              First of all, suggesting he sticks to his native language because he makes mistakes is a massive dick move that reeks of arrogance.
              Don’t do that.

              Secondly, from a purely pragmatic point of view, WG has had French blueprints for a year now.
              I don’t have a horse in the race and I don’t care which branch comes first, but to think that WG is releasing Pan_Asian DDs because they’re ready sooner is extremely naive.

              I mean, you would have to be born yesterday to think that the Pan-Asian ships, a branch aimed at the lucrative Asian market, isn’t being shoehorned into the game right before Christmas, a commercial holiday in Asia, in favor of the French BBs for purely commercial purposes.

              WG saw that their poorly thought out French CA branch tanked even harder than Russian CLs, realized that people around Christmas would still be spending money on RN BBs, and figured that it would be more commercial viable to extract money from Asians using copy paste ships using model assets they already have then to release more BBs right now.

              And no, they can’t release two branches at once, because that dilutes the amount of people willing to shell out money to try it out.

              TL;DR: it’s absolutely naive to think that WG didn’t push back French BBs in favor of a Christmas release for Pan-Asian DDs.

              PS: If you’re going to criticize people on their English, you might not to make mistakes in your own posts.

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              1. This is all assumptioned based on no concrete evidence while what I said is from myself as someone who works in game development.

                Truth be told though we know nothing. Either or could end up true and, admittedly, neither of us will know which holds true in the end. It may or may not be released this year until its announced, but it’s still premature to say for certain it won’t come this year when there’s 3 months left.

                They could still bring them into supertest and release them by the new with the Pan-Asia DDs. As I said, theres no reason both lines can’t be released at the same time.

                I alsp admit I went a bit far regarding my comments towards his quality of speech and language capabilities. It was rude of me and I should have taken steps to offer corrections to help him improve his English rather then belittling him. For that, MemeMachine, I appologize to you.

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                1. Money is the reason why they won’t ever release two branches at once.

                  If you release two branches at once, the people who free xp the new branch might not free xp both.
                  Even if both branch are finished, they’ll make French BBs wait.

                  Ultimately, I don’t blame them for releasing the Pan-Asian DDs before Christmas, it’s the smart marketing move.
                  More people will free xp some RN BBs, and Asians (especially the Chinese) will blow more money on the game at Christmas, when loads of specials appear.

                  That doesn’t change the fact that French BBs were pushed back in favor of those DDs.
                  That’s based on the concrete evidence of WG already having made loads of 3D model assets, currently visible on a premium Jean Bart having been leaked months ago.

                  If you’re nationalist and can’t deal with the fact that your nation’s ships are pushed back, it’s an issue.
                  If you’re not that vain, like most people, it’s just slightly frustrating to have a copy paste branch before a major navy of WWII.


                  1. Well either way, as I said, neither of us will be proven right or wrong until the fact so there’s really no reason to continue debating the topic.

                    Both of our reasoning is sound so the possibility is there for either of us to be right. Ultimately I will more then likely end up conceding defeat purely based on WGs track record of money grabbing.

                    And I can be as nationalist as I want but I’m never going to have in issue with my nations ships being pushed back. I’m Australian after all so at best we will only ever have premiums unless they include some in a full Commonwealth branch which doesn’t overly concern me.

                    I’m more waiting out for some Swedish ships even if an entire line doesn’t come, but that won’t be for a few years which I know for fact from a dev stream where I asked them


                  2. You sure they have had a full line Frenc BB info?
                    Or maybe they have only had some of the ships in the tree done?
                    Your evidence does not convince me. Sorry.
                    4 French BB’s does not do a full line.


                    1. They have had blueprints for literally everything ever since they started working on French CAs.

                      The French archive gave them very literally entire piles of blueprints and plans.

                      At the same time, the Jean Bart, a model already made and leaked months ago has model assets that can be reused for the tier9, tier9 which can also be reused as a basis for the tier 10.

                      Tier7 is either a souped up Dunkerque or a Richelieu in a different configuration, so in reality, what you’re seeing with 4 different models are 5 regular ships, model assets for 2 of them. plus whatever they have lined up for tier 6, plus a tier 8 premium.


      1. If thats the case then why are we getting them in 2018 and not in 2017?
        If the pan asia tree isnt effecting the release time of the french bbs then why the heck would they not come in 2017? Even tho they said in videos about 30 Q&A’s and about a gorillion articles that the french bbs were gonna come in 2017?
        Or are you saying that postponing something isnt effecting release time
        Sorry but exactly in what world do you live in?


        1. I’m sorry, but where’s the official announcement saying that this will be released in 2018? Because there’s nothing here that confirms it for a 2018 release. Do you work for WG and can publicly announce the release date? No?

          Then I suggest you take a seat and shut up until such a time comes rather then making yourself look like the ignorant fool you are.


            1. It’s still not an official announcement though. If and or when it is officially announced for 2018 or it ticks over to 2018 and theres no mention of French BBs coming then I’ll offer a formal appology


        2. MemeMachine
          I live in a real world where shit happens and good things too.
          Sometimes things go as planned, sometimes not at all as was planned.


  2. He said in the video “probably not for 2017 maybe a little bit later”. This are all non premium ships, BB Bretagne probably tier 4 or 5, the French BB speciality is the quadruple turret, they received this pics 1 week ago, Richelieu tier 8

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