Operation Overmatch – New Tank Game Made By The U.S. Army

https://www.operationovermatch.com/  (Ironically, the position of the tank in their website picture is similar to this one)

Info from https://www.army.mil :

What is it?

Operation Overmatch is a gaming environment within the Early Synthetic Prototyping (ESP) effort. ESP is a capability that engages Soldiers across the Army for their feedback and recommendations early in the development cycle.

The purpose of Operation Overmatch is to connect Soldiers with capability developers and engineers across the Army, allowing unconstrained early exploration of ideas at the small-unit level.

Analysis of the results informs engineers and capability developers on which capabilities have the greatest potential for further study in the future operational environment.

What is the Army doing?

Results of collaborative research efforts indicate that computer-based games have significant potential to provide an effective means to conduct ESP in order to evaluate future capabilities. In 2016, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Army Capabilities Integration Center partnered with U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command and the Army Game Studio to develop Operation Overmatch.

Operation Overmatch will be available to everyone with a dot-mil email address and will provide a means for every Soldier in the Army to contribute to the development of the future force.

What continued efforts are planned for the future?

The beta test version of Operation Overmatch is set to launch Oct. 10, 2017. The purpose of the beta test is to solicit Soldier feedback about Operation Overmatch, gauge Soldier interest and participation, and assess the value of Soldier feedback to support capability development. The game will be available through Steam, a popular online game distribution platform.

The Army will continue to enhance Operation Overmatch by adding additional capabilities and enriching the gaming environment.

Why is this important to the Army?

Operation Overmatch is designed to shape the future force through Soldier feedback. This gaming environment provides the Army with a means of rapidly exploring a wide range of potential capabilities.

The ability to test capabilities in virtual environments is not intended to replace experimenting with actual prototypes in field conditions. Instead, ESP complements existing processes by producing data and analytics to inform capability developers and engineers before an actual system is put into production.

Operation Overmatch enables Soldiers to explore and turn ideas into valued outcomes. These outcomes will, in turn, inform the development of the future force. Operation Overmatch allows unconstrained early exploration of ideas without real-world consequences and will enable the Army to innovate faster.

Big thanks to LeonSeie for emailing me.

17 thoughts on “Operation Overmatch – New Tank Game Made By The U.S. Army

  1. The idea is interesting.
    It\’s a bit like a crowdsourcing video game, where you use human brain of players to test and find solutions in a videogame.

  2. Imagine if they used WOT as a simulator they would think Russians will take over the whole world with their millitary might!

  3. If this is at all like the original AA with tanks, I\’m all in. Anybody has any dot-mil invites? Actually joining the army for a game may be a bit much for me.

  4. I got a reply on my mail. It\’s kinda weird.


    All –

    Thank you for your interest in Operation Overmatch Pre-Alpha release! This is a very early release of a game environment to shape the future force. Your feedback will shape the development of Operation Overmatch as well as provide insights about the future force.

    Please complete, sign, and email the attached End User License Agreement to me, LTC Vogt. Replace \’name\’ with your last name in the file name.

    Be sure to use your US DoD @.mail.mil email address. If you are a cadet, you may use your school email address. If you are an industry partner and would like access, please use your company email address and annotate on the EULA as such.

    If you are chosen for the early test group, you will be notified within the coming weeks along with instructions to get the game from Steam.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Again, thank you for your interest in shaping Operation Overmatch and the future force!

    And you get EULA attached in the mail.

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