WoWS Info – 27th September 2017 #2

ST, Giulio Cesare

Maximum dispersion of main battery of Giulio Cesare will be increased from 138 m to 226 m. The change is needed to reduce the excessive efficiency of the ship.

And an informative Repair Party table made by Sub_Octavian:


10 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 27th September 2017 #2

  1. I think the change is huge. Now it looks bad or at least mediocre. Maybe they change it again :/ Now you see so many stealthy bb, and you play Duca you feel they forget to also buff it. I hoped that they would greatly reduce the reload time rather than destroy the accuracy.


  2. Not sure what the appeal of Giulio Cesare is now. An increase in dispersion was probably needed, but nearly doubling it is overkill. Also reminder that the ship has poor armor, average AA, low health and bad sigma, and of course crap reload speed because we can’t have non-German battleships with a good reload speed.


    1. @PanzerVor87 even with this nerf, it still better than New York. i think you need to see the other same tier ship to compare before judging the change is bad. maybe its bad for the ship but if it balance against the other ships tier V than the change is not a problem.


      1. I will never understand why you people hate NY so much, it’s a very powerful shit just slow. My NY stats are even better than my Konig ones.


        1. Same, New York was my most successful Tier 5 battleship. But then again, Emerald is also my most successful Tier 5 CL despite it being considered UP as f. :p


    2. The appeal is still there. It’s not always about performance but if you actually like the ship enough to buy it and use it. Even if it was a bad ship after the nerf (which i doubt), i’d still buy it.


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