WOT Personal Missions – New Features in 9.20.1


5 thoughts on “WOT Personal Missions – New Features in 9.20.1

  1. On the WoT assistance application there is now added a new personal mission campaign, with the T-22 medium as the main reward. 30 missions. Hmmm


  2. Personal Missions ‘content’ and ‘rewards’ are IMO still badly designed as a concept and counter intuitive. This broader rework does change nothing about that. At least to me. The concept of PM’s I had in mind and WG’s implementation are two worlds apart.

    Why I never bothered with PM’s (2015) is because of it’s overall design: all the mission types, within each four Operations, did not reflect the Reward vehicle class in my opinion.

    My expectation was:
    if choosing the first PM Operation, for the Stug, the ‘primary missions’ would be focused on and be completed by the TD class. With Stug TD as it’s primary reward.
    Then have ‘side missions’ as a bonus that have ‘counter TD missions’, to be completed in other classes. With for example a female crew member as bonus reward.

    Above described conceptual design was the thing I was expecting, but with so may things I expected from WG: I set my expectation bar to high and got disappointed by their very static approach.


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