WoT – New WoT rating and Hall of Fame

Enjoy 🙂


11 thoughts on “WoT – New WoT rating and Hall of Fame

    1. skill-MM is a bad idea in itself – at least for random. in the very end it would boil down to all players being rather similar in their rating, as they would (in the end) only play against similiar skilled players.

      so tomatoes would loose/win against other tomatoes and on the other end of the skill level the same – unicum vs. unicum.

      this just does NOT work, if you do not use some kind of league, which can be abused too (player decides to play BAD for some battles -> lower league where he can pwn less skilled players).


      1. And then again putting clan-hardened veterans,rerolling purple gold spamming WN8 stat-whores and regular green players all in 1 tram,while the other team is full of weekend players,trolls,stupid 9 year olds and 35.000 battles-300 WN8 bots is such a meaningfull,fun,entertaining and educational battle,isnt it?…..


  1. Does anyone knows when this will come? In the video you can see it is not only on the Website, but also in the client itself. At least in the testserver it isnt.


    1. you sure? I don’t think so. Also the curent beta Hall of fame gave me big question- they show only some period your rating (1/7/month), not overall.


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