WoT: Personal Mission Camouflages Revealed

The StuG IV set is named „Ambush”, the T28 Concept one is named „Conceptual”, T 55 A is named „Modern Spotted” and the Object 260 one is named „Amoeba”.


14 thoughts on “WoT: Personal Mission Camouflages Revealed

  1. Context:

    When you finish the operation you get the camo on top to use it on this rewarded vehicle.

    You will get another set of all 3 camos (summer, winter, desert) for every nation when you finish ALL missions of this operation with honors!


  2. Ok so as I understood, that first camo setup from StuG you will get for all tanks, when you finish all StuG 75 missions with honors. Right? The HTC camo setup also and so on and so on. BUT- you can you that camo for only 1 vehicle of each nation, I mean you can use one winter camo for E50M and no more winter camo for other germany tank? Like with CW rewarded camo or not?


  3. Also there was some rumors, that StuG and T55 camo will be only for German tanks, HTC for american tanks and Obj260 camo for russian tanks. Any confirms about it?


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