WoT – TOGII* for sale

The land battleship is for sale on EU for about 16$ with a garage slot, and 22$ with 1500 gold and ten +100%/1h reserves.


32 thoughts on “WoT – TOGII* for sale

  1. Considering the TOG is now a “rare” premium tank ; would I be able to get it back for credits with the recovery system ? I sold it two or three years ago after its Marathon, kinda miss it now.

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    1. If you are on the EU server then no.
      If you sold it that long ago then it won’t be available through the in game system and to get even rare tanks back through support had a time limit of two months.
      Other servers may have different rules.


      1. Yes, yes it will! They can track it a way, way back.

        I’ve started playing WoT in 2012. I have completed tutorial and received premium Stuart tank as a reward. I did not understand the value of premium tanks back then and I have sold it soon after receiving it. And I have managed to recover it the last year by writing to support. One ticket was all that was needed.


  2. The best way to use this is to get your team into shooting positions and then drive it into the open, the enemy team will drop everything and they will ALL shoot at you furiously. This can allow your team to spot and kill them.


  3. Holy crap DO NOT buy this wasted garage slot of a tank. Never.
    It’s been terrible for ages and the new MM means you’ll be seeing max MM the majority of the time.


  4. If you enjoy frustration, then buy this tank. Of you want to drive the slowest tank in the game with no armor for compensation,then buy this tank.


  5. TOG 2…..only tank in game with indoor swimming pool,sauna and a tennis court……there is a good joke about TOG 2………but it is too long!


  6. That was the only time in my life that I considered 500 Gold pieces more useful than an occupied slot in the garage, Sold it the moment I earn it during the marathon…


  7. 3 Man TOG* Platoons are still a thing. Ran one the other night on my livestream and we managed to stop laughing long enough to actually win.


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