WoT – Guide Park : AMX 50 Foch B, the best drummer

Enjoy 🙂


6 thoughts on “WoT – Guide Park : AMX 50 Foch B, the best drummer

  1. Bad tank, you can clip only absolute noobs who stand still for 20 seconds or allow you to permatrack them…
    Maybe 10% chance youll get to actually unload whole clip at once and get some nice damage, meanwhile 90% for T57/50B/Kran. Low damage, low pen and bad accuracy autoloaders work only on turreted tanks.


    1. Bad tank they say xD …. hilarious
      2400 damage within 10 sec. after the first shot. Too bad it only got 257mm of standard penetration xD.

      You should be happy for what it is now.
      Its an absolut devastating wrecking ball in all games except for tier 10 only games.
      And even there it does very well.

      Sometimes i really ask myself in which kind of dream some people live.


      1. You must be living in a dream if you think 2400 damage in 10 seconds is often possible with garbage penetration and terrible gun soft stats. You probably judge it based on paper stats. Only 600 wn8 players believe this tank is deadly. Waffen had 276 pen, 560 alpha and laser accuracy (best in game when released), Foch B is not OP at all.

        I eat Foch B for breakfast in all my other tier X tanks.
        If its away you can peek and shave 40% of health from Foch and get hit for 400 damage which is nothing, if he manages to aim and pen.
        If it gets close its piss easy to drive around something as big as Foch B in a medium or with most heavies you can just facehug Foch and laugh as he bounces, even shit his roof up with HE when playing Type 4/5.

        Foch B is only good against people who swapped their brains for potatoes, competent players laugh at it.


    2. Well sure you can rarely empty your entire clip but if you can “only” connect 3 out of 6 you can just reload it only takes 36 seconds.
      And the pen is bad for a TD but 257 is still enough for most things.


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