WoT Supertest – Super Conqueror

The fantasy tank replacement stats are here.

Tier: X HT Great Britain
HP: 2350
Horsepower: 950 HP
Weight: 73 t
Max. weight: 77 t
Power-to-weight ratio: 13.01 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 34.3 / -12 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 26 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 33.4 °/s
Terrain resistance: 1.055 / 1.247 / 2.205
View range: 400 m
Signal range: 782,1 m

Hull armor: 152.4 / 76.2 / 38
Turret armor: 279.4 / 88.9 / 70

Gun: 120 mm Gun L1A1

Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
Penetration: 259 / 326 / 120
ROF: 6.728
DPM: 2691.2
Reload speed: 8.918 s
Accuracy: 0.316
Aim time: 1.92 s
Gun depression/elevation: -7 / +15




18 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Super Conqueror

  1. ….no screen shot of lower plate? whats it at?

    shame theres no real difference between 215b and super conq really… the only real difference is the super conq will not be able to side scrape as effectively even with the weak spot 215b has there

    i really hope that lower plate has some armor otherwise 215b is better imo


    1. Impossible, all brit heavies have a 76mm lower, Chieftain included. It just wasnt a thing they were worried about. You say its worse at sidescraping but it has 76mm side armor now, not 51. Also the extensions under the turret arent like the 101mm things on the FV215b, they are 300mm+.

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      1. In a historical perspective, I guess it was assumed these tanks would be hulldown for most of their combat action since they have ridiculously good combat range in terms of the guns.


  2. Hmm…far as I can tell, the spaced armor on the front and turret is 20mm, it should be 14. The stats thing said the turret plates were 40, though. Confusing…well, who cares, instant minimum 20mm less pen and pretty much renders HEAT useless.


  3. Super Conqueror is still an overall nerf to the FV215b. Would be nice if it kept the same health and DPM at the very least

    Conqueror didn’t need to be nerfed just because of a bit of extra armor, nor does it need the burster plates on the turret, just leave that to the Super Conq. Buff the armor sure, but keep everything else about the tank as it is


    1. Yes. Significantly worse traverse, aim time, HP and DPM, Slightly worse turret traverse, HP/T, View range. All for a bit or armor that was not necessary. Futhermore same depression even though it is a front mounted gun and not in the rear now.

      Overall a nerf. The Super C could use the same DPM and aim time as FV, and slight better gun depression to make up for these nerfs.


  4. Neither tank is a “fantasy tank”. The regular Conqueror is now just getting plates that would have been added in case of a hot war in reality and the Super Conqueror is just the Conqueror with burster plates fitted to the hull and a slightly different turret that was actually built or at least mocked up in reality but never realized on a serial scale as the Chieftain obsoleted the Conqueror.

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    1. The Burster plates were a thing that Conquerors were able for recieve, but it carries over the add on armor from an experimental conqueror that was meant to be shot at.

      The turret burster plates, iirc was experimental or vice versa.


  5. The 9.20.1 video WG put out talked about this replacement and they were doing it because the 215b played more like a hybrid than a heavy. That’s the whole point. If you make every single shot heavy in the game a heavily armoured slow bunker where is the variation? If people don’t realise the 215b is a hybrid and shouldn’t be played like a regular heavy then that is their problem.

    It is one of the few tanks left in the game that rewards skilled thoughtful gameplay rather than just mindlessly angling and driving towards the entire enemy team.

    Let’s be honest, the only reason they’ve introduced this is because they said they would replace the 215b what 3 or 4 years ago now? With another heavy (which everyone basically knew would be the cheiftain) however seeing the demand for the cheiftain they’ve obviously delayed and saved it for it’s own line to milk as much money out of people as possible or for when the game starts dying to get people interested and spending money again for a short while. After 3-4 years they still needed a 215b replacement (but not a chieftain) so they just rammed this thing in.

    The constant op premium spam, the holding back of the chieftain for years. The rerelease of “never to be sold again premiums”, the constant power creep (when was the last time a new line/tank was introduced or a current one was buffed in the hd model and it didn’t go immediately into the CW setup because of how insanely good it became? Type 5+Maus buff, e5 buff, Strv, Wz 5a, 113 buff etc.) and now WG are just giving every tank in the game +100mm of armour here, another 60mm there because of their god awful balancing with t8 prems and t10 buffs. I think more t10 meds are receiving random armour buffs than aren’t just to keep up with the broken meta.

    It really drives home the point that this game is dying unfortunately and WG and their god awful management are solely to blame.


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